Hates Tummy Time

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EricaLynn - February 7

My daughter is 5 weeks old and hates tummy time. The only time she will tollerate being on her stomach is when someone is holding her. She hates being on a mat, even if she is propped up. How important is tummy time, should I just let her cry and fuss when she is on her stomach? I dont really know what to do about this.....


marimar - February 8

Hi Erica,mi son didn`t like it either but I left him to cry a little before I pick him up,and now is 3 month,and he like for a while and then he cries again, is inportan,so they exercise their necks and theirs legs,a prep for when the start crawling.


Hana - February 8

My ds hates tummy time too and he's almost 5 months and has only rolled over once. I think mine hates it coz his neck and shoulder muscles aren't that strong and so it may tire him after a few seconds of lifting that area. Im trying to use those v pillows propped under him which helps and also put him on my chest/belly and he has fun snuggling to my b___bs lol or playing with my necklace. I suggest you get your lo used to it now or it will forever be hated!


DeeJay - February 8

My dd is 5 1/2 months old and still hates tummy time. She just rolled over a few days ago, and now when she rolls over she is happy for about 1 min. then back to screaming. She can hold her neck up and is very strong, but I guess she just feels insecure or uncomfortable this way. But I make her stay on her tummy for a few min. and try to get her to play. But thats all she'll do.


mayaB - February 8

My boy is now 9 months old and he also hated tummy time. I put him on this tummy everynow and then , and left him till he just couldnt bear it anymore. It didnt usually last longer than 5 minutes. I got colorful mats that he liked .. but it wasnt till he was about 5 months old that he was able to enjoy the mats and playing w/ the things attached to them. He was very late in rolling over, but that wasnt a problem to me. Once he decided he liked tummy time he was on him tummy all the time. He now stands almost una__sisted and crawls away. So my advice is that if he doesnt like it.. just dont worry and wait till he feels more confident.


jolou - February 8

Sorry to deviate, but when did you all start introducing tummy time? My DS is 4 weeks old, is that too little?


Erynn21 - February 8

My dd hated "tummy time" until just recently and she's 5 months, now she can roll so she doesn't get so frustrated. She would lay there for maybe, and I stress maybe, 5 minutes max. The only time she would lay on her tummy is on our chests, otherwise she would put her face on the blanket and grunt and cry, I just could force her to do something she really hated. Now that she rolls really well, she likes being on her blanket and rolling from her tummy to her back and then back to her tummy. She's also pushing up on her legs a bit so I think she's starting the beginnings of crawling.


Erynn21 - February 8

I meant *couldn't* force


Cookie - February 8

jolou I started tummy time when my daughter was only a few days old...she is 8 weeks now..and will tolerate tummy time for about 5-10 minutes and then starts crying...she rolls over and is great at holding her head up, I think she gets frustrated quickly...any ideas on how to entertain them better?



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