Have Any Of You Had A Breech Baby

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cattac - November 9

Has anyone on here had a breech baby? I'm pregnant with my third (week 20) and my first two boys were head down by this point. I know this baby has time to flip but I've been reading about breech and a lot that goes on with it. Many articles say many breech babies have congenital abnormalities/defects. Has anyone found this to be true or know anything about it?


MNMOM - November 9

i have had 2 friends have babies that were breech and they were healthy babies, perfectly fine. your post is the first I've heard of this. I suppose that babies with defects may have a higher incidence of being breech, but that does not mean that just because a baby is breech that there is something wrong with it. did your ultrasound find anything concerning with the babies health?? if not, I would relax and not worry.


Krissy25 - November 9

My baby was breech and she was just fine. And i know of 2 other women who had breech babies and they were fine too. And yes your baby still has a lot of time to get head down. I think the percentages are by the 3rd trimester 25% of babies are not head down but by time of delivery only 3-5% are still not head down .


lmk - November 9

My dh was breech! I'll have to tell him I found an explanation for what's wrong with him! LOL Seriously, though, at 20 weeks is way too early to worry about which way the baby is...they still have a lot of room to move about. And I've never heard anything about the abnormalities risk being higher for breech babies. GL


cattac - November 9

Hi girls thanks so much for responding. I actually think MNMOM said what I was trying to say...babies with defects have a higher incidence of being breech. It was something I'd never heard of either until today when I actually started looking around about breech. I kjnow there's time to turn I'm already nervous because my other two were head down by this point!


cattac - November 9

Oh and ALSO for those of you who had or knew people who had babies breech...did anyone do it v____ally or did all have c-sections?


mamagoose - November 9

Mine was breech until week 36, and then he flipped on his own. My doctor told me at the time that most babies flip around week 28, but many don't flip until later. If your baby is still breech by week 38-40, your doctor may attempt an 'external version', where they basically try to turn the baby around by pushing really hard on your abdomen, turning the baby from the outside. But I definitely wouldn't worry at all since you're only at week 20, there's loads of time for baby to flip!


Gavinsmom - November 9

My ds was breech since 20 weeks and he stayed that way the duration of the pregnancy. His head was lodged under my right rib cage so there was no way he was moving. My dr offered to try and turn him manually (too many risks involvoved) so I opted for a c-section for his health and safety. All turned out fantastic! It was so easy and I would do it again in a heartbeat! I had a very quick and easy healing time and I only spent a little less than 2 days in the hospital. I hope your lo turns for you b/c I felt a little "robbed" from not experiencing a natural birth, but I'm happy it turned out it the way it did...he wa healthy and got 9's on both his apgars! Good luck! I wish you the best! :)


jacobsmom - November 9

My son ended up "flipping" a total of 10+ times- even in the last week. He ended up being breech and I had to have a c-section. He is eight weeks old today and perfectly healthy and happy.


Mariefe - November 10

Hi Cattac, i have just given birth via c-section 10 days ago due to breech baby position. She was born after 38.4 weeks gestation and you know what, she is very healthy, normal and beautiful baby! Breech babies does not mean to have likelihood of abnormalities.. they are just breech and have not decided to head down as they are just so comfy being in their position till they are born. Dont worry.. enjoy your pregnancy:)


another Karen - November 10

Hello, my dd is 2.5yrs and was extended leg breech and C section delivery. She has no defects that caused her to be breech, I just think that she ran out of room in there as I'm a shorty and my hubby is all arms and legs. She's just like her Dad. Don't stress about it truely, I know she's as bright and clever as any.


sahmof3 - November 10

My youngest was transverse (head on one side, b___t, feet on the other... I was one wide load) LOL. He was so huge that I think he got that way and got stuck. He was 10 lbs. 6 oz. and 22 3/4". Anyway, I had 2 c-sections before him, so I knew already that I was having a c-section with him (thankfully!!!). He was perfectly healthy :-) My niece's oldest was a footling breech. Other than a dramatic birth (she was trying to have a natural homebirth and eventually had to be rushed to the hospital and lost a lot of blood)... her son was fine.


Val - November 10

My ds (now 5.5 months) was moving around until he was due! He was breech about 5 weeks before his due date, then flipped back down. We scheduled a c-section because the doctor was worried about his size (huge!) and the fact that he wasn't dropping, and then on the day we had the last u/s (5 days before the c-section was scheduled) he was transverse! I think he was just that way for a day - I think he wanted to make sure we did the c-section! (btw - the section went smoothly and he turned out just fine.)


cattac - November 10

For those of you who had c-sections how was the recovery especially if you have other kids at home? That's really my only worry. I think if this was my first baby I wouldn't be so worried about having a section but when this baby's due my oldest will be 3 1/2 and my younger son will be 1 1/2 and we moved away from my family (who lives 1/2 way across the country) a little over a year ago and I just cannot IMAGINE having a section and having to come home and recover with all the chaos plus a newborn. With my second son I was up walking around felt fine not like I'd just given birth a couple hours after I had him. I am just hoping that will happen again because my sons are so active and I'll have a newborn to go along with that! BTW thanks for all your responses!


krnj - November 10

My 2nd son was breech, and a c-section. He was also a month early. He was in NICU since his lungs weren't matured yet but he is just fine now. (he's 4 months) My other son was 1 & 1/2 when I came home with ds #2. I recovered fairly quickly from the c-sections both times. I did have help lifting him outa his crib for a few weeks. My MIL and mom would come over and help me. I'm sure you'll do fine! Do you know for sure that you're having a c-section? 20 weeks is still really early, he/she has got pleanty of time to turn! Do you know what you're having? Best of luck to you!!


sahmof3 - November 11

Hi cattac. All three of mine were c-sections. When my youngest was born my older two were 5yo (which, since he he's autistic made it kind of like having another toddler at times!) and 17 months. It wasn't too bad. I did take the stronger, prescription pain meds for a longer period of time... not sure if it was because it was my 3rd, because it was so close to the previous c-section, because I had more kids to come home to or maybe because I also had a tubal done with my 3rd c-section... or a combo of all of those. But, when I stayed on top of my pain meds I did pretty well and was able to keep up.


jendean00 - November 11

Hi, My DD was Frank Breech and born via c-section at 34 weeks 4 days. She was born early do to my preclampysia and she is perfectly healthy. There was some concern about her legs because she was like a frog for the 1st month but she had an ultrasound on her hips and everything was normal. The position my DD was in she would not have turned even if I carried her to term. I found out she was breech at 24 weeks and she stayed in that position. You have plenty of time for the baby to turn. I have learned that the internet can be a wonderful tool sometimes and other times scare the hell out of you.



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