Have You Tried The PUBLIX Brand Diapers

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Jenn...Mommy 2 Blake - October 7

I don't mean to be cheap when it comes to my baby boy. I quit my job to stay home with him though and money is getting tight. Someone once told me that Publix has great diapers, but I don't want to buy something cheap that is going to constantly leak or be uncomfortable for him. Anyone know what the quality of them is?


Rachael - October 7

I do not live near a Publix, I am in Ohio, but I have tried Pampers, huggies, Luvs, White Cloud, Parents choice and Especially for Baby from Toys r us diapers on my 7 week old boy and they all leak. But I have found that the the cheaper ones from toys rus and Walmart work better and seem more comfortable on him than Pampers or Luvs. I say give them a try, they are probably just as good as if not better than the expensive ones


Narcissus - October 7

I do not have that store near me. I also stay home and $ is tight. We bought Target brand diapers, wipes, b___t cream, and they are all wonderful products with a major savings. Target brand cream is half the price of Desitin and the wipes are also half the price of Pampers wipes. The diapers are comparable to Pampers Cruisers/Swaddlers. They held up well. The problem is that they hardly have the size we need (4) in stock, so I end up buying Pampers.


keekee - October 7

Have you tried Amazon.com? The prices are pretty good. I bought size 4 pampers. The case came with 160 diapers for $30. I'm also a at home mom and we try to find as many deals as possible. Sam's wholesale club and walmart have affordable diapers too. Take care


karine - October 7

Here in canada walmart have a sell...LOL on pampers cases. 31$...so for here it was a major save, i baught 2cases. But if i travel...20mintues to the nexted town, i go to Nofrills, and they have the pampers cases for 34$. so for me trying a cheaper brand isnt worth it, cause the other brand (teddy choice) is 29$ for case. so i figure...i might as well give 4$more...on a case. So i only buy pampers, but its happened that i took huggies, cause they were on sale. But you guys in the state seem, to have a little more choices. Of diapers for cheaper. The only choice we have here, is walmart brand,teddys,luvs/pampers/huggies.


Morgan - October 9

I have not tried Publix, but all the other kinds I've tried leak!! We use disposables when we leave the house (cloth at home) and have been disappointed with the ones we've tried - but it sounds like I might need to take a trip to Target! If you can save some disposable diaper money and have a washer, I would highly recommend cloth diapers (best deal I've found is on clothdiaper.com). It will save you money in the longrun and they really absorb so much better than disposables. There isn't any pinning or an anything these days so it really isn't much harder than disposables. I love them!


mimi - October 9

I've tried huggies and didn't like it. The cheapest one I could find is Parent's choice and it doesn't leak as much as huggies. What other cheaper brand does walmart has, I thought Parents choice is the only one. I also stay at home and my budget is tight.



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