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Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - June 17

Hi everyone, I haven't been on here in a while since I have been doing the MSN groups. Then my computer decided to not let me get on anything. But I am now 27w 1d pregnant...it is going great, the baby is kicking alot and I love the whole feeling. I also found out that I am having another girl...I am so happy. Samyera is 9 months old, she weighs 20lbs 3oz and is 28in tall. She is in everything and cleaning up after her gets harder and harder lol. I did develop sciatica with this pregnancy and it is the most horrble feeling every. But I am 5 days away from 3rd trimester and then soon my little girl will be here. We don't have names picked out yet. Junior has yet to pick one lol...he likes one for a week or two then doesn't like it. But I can't believe I am almost in the 3rd trimester. I am not looking forward to the foot in the rib but I can't wait til she is here.


margie - June 17

Wow, it sounds like you are doing great this time around! I can't believe that you are already 27 weeks! Time really flys by... It will be nice that they will be sisters close in age, they will probably have a lot of fights, as sisters do, but in the end they will probably be the best of friends--I know that my siblings are my best friends--thats really cool! I'm just really amazed you are almost in the third trimester, Samyera is only 3 months older than Anjelica! I remember being on the first trimester board with you when I was pregnant the first time before Anjelica (as you know that was m/c)..that just doesnt seem that long ago. I'll have to check out your MSN group, I always meant to and then its been hard because I dont have a computer at home anymore, just a work laptop. Good luck and keep us all updated!!! :-)


cblack - June 17

nerdy.... sounds like you are doing well. We were together in our babies last time. Gibson will be 9 month on the 26th of this month. I dont know if you remember me or not, but I remember you. So glad things are going well with this pregnancy. Sounds like Samyera is growing quickly, Gibson is 18lbs 13oz so he is right there behind your lo. Hope everything continues to go well with Samyera and this lo you are carrying. DH and I plan on trying for #2 in October of this year. :) Hopefully we can get prego quickly, as I want a summer '09 baby. Again, Im glad everything is going well. :)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - June 17

MARGIE-I really hope you do come and check it out...and time does fly by. I am so amazed that everything is going so well. I can't wait to see Sam's reaction to the baby. She isn't big on babies, but maybe this will be different since the baby will be around all the time. CBLACK-I do remember you, wow 18lbs he is small, thats so adorable tho. I hope you get a BFP the moment you try, that is so exciting I can't believe it, it seems like just yesterday we had our LO's, and now Samyera is crawling, standing up on things, standing on her own and even attempting to walk. They grow so fast.


Krissy25 - June 17

Hey nerdygirl, congrats on your second girl, i'm sure they will become really close. If i were to have 2 that close together i would prefer them to be the same s_x. It sounds like Samyera is doing great. My Jacquelyn just turned 10 months and she is 19 lbs and about 28 in (hard to tell for sure though b/c she won't lie still long enough, lol) I find it hard to believe you are almost in the 3rd too. It seems like you just anounced you were preggo and now you only have a few months to go.


tish212 - June 18

aww i am so excited for you .!!! i can't wait till we get to see her pics...i bet she will be just as beautiful as samyera....


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - June 18

I know, I wonder who she will look like, me or Junior...Sam looks just like Junior lol so I really am curious how she will look. KRISSY- she is so small...thats to cute. Same shot up over night lol They did say she was 24lbs but we took her to her appointment because she woke up screaming and turns out the nurse messed up on her weight. So we thought we had a hevier baby for about 2 weeks lol


Bellas Mom - August 8

Hey Nerdy... I remember you too, you should be called "chatty_nerdy_girl" lol You were always on. I'm so glad everything is running smoothly with you this time around. I already have 2 little ones, (my second born in sept like Samyera) He is now 19 lbs and 26 in. He's a shorty, but a fatty. He just took his firsts steps a week ago and he is non-stop trying to get this walking thing down, lol. He's trying to keep up with big sis. I still want another baby or two in the future, but I had mine very close together (like you) so I need a little break now. I decided to go with the Mirena IUD, and will probably remove it in a year or two. Keep us updated. What is this MSN group you speak about, do you have facebook? Maybe we can hook up somewhere else and share pics since our september mommies on piczo is so outdated... no one goes on there anymore :o( boo! Well girl, I wish you all the best!


tish212 - August 8

heyyy i am so sorry i haven't been over helping with the groups page-things have been so busy here, with alexa getting sick and going to the hospital and my MIL having 3 eye surgeries, and then grandfather in law having major back surgery.... so i haven't had the time... the older alexa gets the more time she takes up... but it is great to hear from you! and another girl aww sisters!!! they are gonna be so close! once again it is great to hear that you are doing well! hope to hear more from you soon



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