Having Less Time To Train My Baby

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susan_p80 - December 2

I am a working mother and my son is just one year old. He is at the day care for about 8 hours every day. I understand that I should start his toilet training now. But we spend so little time together that I cannot find any way to do this. I would like if anyone could help me out with some ideas.


britt_m - December 2

I think if you didn't do infant potty training and the little guy isn't showing signs or isn't interested, it'd probably be better to wait now til closer to two or 2 1/2. Especially since you are working and don't have much time. Might as well just enjoy the time you have for right now.


susan_p80 - December 3

My son is 1 yrs old now and I am thinking of finishing my online baby book at BabyChapters.com. Should I get it printed and hardbound. The online book looks so adoring, I am sure the finished product will be as good.


krc - December 3

My son is 2 1/2 and I haven't been consistent with potty training him. I'm a full time student and my schedule goes back and forth from 8-1pm and 8-5pm. So I to find it hard to be consistent. He knows how to go potty and all that stuff, but only goes when he wants to! Some parents have success with early potty training and thats great. But it's normal for boys to wait until 2 1/2 - 3 years old to be " ready" for aggressive potty training. I have a potty in the bathroom and whenever I go potty I always say out loud, " mommy's going pooh/pee on the potty"! LOL After a month of saying that he decided he wanted to try. But I don't think he's ready when it comes to going pee. He still doesn't grasp the concept of the "feeling" of having to go pee. Most friends I've asked all said their sons weren't potty trained until after 3 years old! So don't worry too much, but do try to get him familiar with the potty and used to sitting on it.


jenna32 - December 3

1 is early to potty train. especially if it is a boy. boys tend to take longer to potty train. 2-3 is a more reasonable age. Unless your 1 year old really is showing signs that he is ready.


wendyland - December 4

Wow, you can print your online baby book in babychapters.com! I will surely check that out!


gabby509 - December 4

I'm confused is she asking for advice about potty training or advertising for this babychapters.com website?


betty_cm - December 5

I have a 2 yrs old daughter and I got her baby book printed for her on her last birthday. She was simply overjoyed and now we spend some lovely time seeing the book together. Well the process is not difficult all you need to do is order it at BabyChapters.com once you decide to finish it. They will take care of everything else. And yes it is as good and beautiful as it is on the online version!


bellybubble - December 5

Ah susan_p80, wendyland, betty_cm - go and flog your stupid babychapters stuff elsewhere!!! This is so annoying.


susan_p80 - December 6

That was really nice to know. Thanks for giving me a great gift idea for my son’s first birthday. I am sure he will also be very happy to read a book about himself.


katiep1219 - December 8

I also use babychapters.com. I am using it for my second baby and my three year old is so eager to help. The process is so simple that even he can help me customize the book!


wendyland - December 9

After reading your reviews, I visited the site. And guys thanks, it is everything you said it could be! I am just going gaga over which picture to add, which little incident to write and so on. I will also print the book as soon as my daughter turns one!


susan_p80 - December 10

Well at BabyChapters.com there are absolutely no restrictions. You can share your online baby book with everyone you want to. You can even invite others to write in your baby book and make it more interactive as well as interesting.


betty_cm - December 10

Glad that I could be of some help. Do keep us posted on how this book has brought your family closer. Mine surely did.


kimberly - December 10

What is up with all the stupid babychapter advertising??? susan-p80 and all the others that mentioned baby chapters are fakes. I would never check out your site, get a life and try posting a actual question that you need answered.


susan_p80 - December 11

I am also totally scared about computers but I found that the tools at BabyChapters.com are so easy I felt like spending hours writing about my son or uploading his photos. So don’t worry and just get started. You will love this baby book experience.


katiep1219 - December 12

Yeah, one of the best parts of writing this book is that anyone from your family can see and read your baby’s growth. I was so overjoyed when my grandmother commented on my second child’s photo!



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