He Can T Get Full He Is Always Hungry

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mommie2b - July 11

I feed my little boy 3 3oz bottles a day sometimes four but I br___tfeed aswell but after eating a 3 ounce bottle he is still hungry and so I feed him the br___t for about 30 min 15 min on each br___t and that does not fill him up. Should I start giving him 4 ounces or what is the problem? I know he is growing but my daughter was never like this.


AudreyS - July 11



mommie2b - July 11

He will be a month old this thursday.


Bonnie - July 11

Some babies are just big eaters. Mason had already hit the 32 ounce mark by 8 weeks! The ped had us start solids early with him because he is such a big eater. If he's hungry let him chow down. :)


Christy - July 11

My son was like that around a month. i attributed it to a growth spurt as well. He may also be nursing on you for comfort rather than hunger.


TCB - July 11

My 2 month old is going through that right now. He ate 7 oz in 3 hours


bbm - July 12

I gave my ds 4 and sometimes 5 ounces a feeding, plus b___st. I think they don't get as much b___st milk as you think when you do both. I eventually had to stop the b___st at around 9 weeks since he was then drinking even more. He's 3.5 months now and 15 lbs.


Rabbits07 - July 12

Just asking....does he have Down's Syndrome? Babies with Down's do not register that they are full. I a__sume you would mention if he had it, but just in case I thought I would ask. (btw, I'm NOT saying that he has Down's either as you would very well know if he did....I just thought I would mention that so no one thinks I'm trying to insinuate that something is wrong with your baby.) Other than that I would say you just have a baby with a good appet_te!


mommie2b - July 12

He is very healthy but just likes to eat alot I started feeding him 4 ounces now and he is still the same way. I guess he is a growing baby. My b___sts do not produce enough but I still feed him it.


Rabbits07 - July 12

Does he take a pacifier?..some babies just like the comfort of sucking and will eat just to suck. Also, he is more able to control the flow from the b___st by the manner in which he sucks and tongue placement...so he may really not be eating that much at the b___st, but doing it for comfort. Just a thought.



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