He Cries In His Sleep

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Ruthie - January 6

WTF? Matthew has been crying in his sleep lately and I can't figure it out. He'll jump and yelp and scowl and cry, but when I look at him he's asleep! I know babies are notoriously restless sleepers, but this seems to be a new phenomenom for him. (He'll be 2 months on Monday). It's keeping me up at night - he's still in a bassinet in our bedroom because his room isn't finished yet :(. And I think it's waking him up sometimes too. I suppose he could have gas, but I make sure he's well burped before he goes down, and I do give him those gas drops. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?


Shelly - January 6

Jesse sometimes cries in hissleep too,it does not last long,but when it does I just go and hold his hand and then he is fine.The new thing now is he laughs out loud in his sleep and wakes himself up,that is so funny,he has done this 3 times!!1


Britt - January 6

Pretty strange isnt it? My 10 week old does the same thing every now and then. I'll hear him cry so I get up and make him a bottle and when I get to his room, he is fast asleep! It makes me wonder if I'm just hearing him cry in my dreams.


Christy - January 6

I am sure he isn't upset when he cries in his sleep. I would put it on par with talking in his sleep since crying is the primary way babies talk at this age. :) I think if he was in pain, he would wake up and let you know. Ben seems more restless in his sleep to me lately too. Not crying, just restless and more noisy. He has been in his crib in the nursery since he came home, but I can hear him in my room if I am awake. I had to start turning off the monitor recently b/c I couldn't sleep from the noise. I am thinking about trying swaddling again, but not sure yet. I think they are just noisy sleepers and that's normal. I also think waking up and going back to sleep is normal too. How soon will Matthew's nursery be done? I think putting him in there in his crib would be the next step, but I am sure there will be some transistional stuff involved with that. It will have to get done at some point either way. I just think you'll sleep better the sooner you do it.


Christy - January 6

Shelly- Ben laughed in his sleep yesterday morning! It was the cutest thing. I almost cried. He doesn't do it when he's awake yet, though.


Shannon - January 6

isabelle cries in her sleep every once in a while, but just for a second and then she goes back to sleep. sometimes she does this little whimper thing too. i nurse her to sleep alot (she refuses the pacifier and in the late morning i'll fall asleep with her) and a few times she'll be peacefully comfort sucking and dozing and then she'll spit my nipple out and start shrieking. that's when i know to get her up ASAP cuz her belly hurts and she's about to spit up everywhere. it's too bad she won't take that pacifier


Lisastar9 - January 6

My son is turning 4 in July and he used to cry in this sleep at a young age too. He has a good imanagination now,can tell great stories,has nightmares wakes up from time to time,this is normal for him. He is slsowly getting better at sleeping right though without waking up. Nothing to worry about that is just the way he is. He is using his little subconious at a young age and you just happen to knmow about it early in life. Hope your son sleeps better then by son. You will slowly get used to it and know when to concol him or not. Good Luck. Try to get as much sleep as possible when this happens.


My answer - January 6

My kids did this too and we figured it was around the time that they start dreaming. I've read that very young babies don't dream when they sleep and that only starts when they are a certain age (brain developement and all).



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