He Did It

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newmom - January 4

I'm so happy that i just can't stop my tears..My son suddenly started crawling fast when he was on his tummy it's so amazing.he has been pushing and moving since long but now he's crawling fast i'm so proud on him..he just turned 4m. i just felt to share this with u guys..


angela - January 4

congratulations, you must be so proud.


Dawn C - January 4



Jenn... - January 4

That is great!! 4 months is very young to crawl! congrats!


The real Lissi - January 4

That's brilliant! Should I be worried though? Nadya is 3.5 months and doesn't even try to turn over, let alone crawl! All she wants to do it lay on the floor and look at her hands.


Heidi - January 4

Oh cute!!!! Just a few minutes ago I got Emma to stand up on her own but I helped by pulling her up a little bit. Funny how these little things can just make your day!


Erica - January 4

CONGRATULATIONS!! can you say fast track:) mine is 3 months 1 week and is so close he can taste it lol. Im so happy for you though.. have fun chasin him ;)


karen - January 5

Congrats, Kodi is 4 months and is ready to go too. :)


krystal - January 5

Can i please ask what you're secret is?? My little one will be 4 months on january 9th and does't even come close to anything ressembling crawling. if there is some secret can you please share!!!


Lisastar9 - January 5

Wow I am glad it is not me who has a crawling baby so early. Lissi enjoy them not crawling soon less work. Nadya will crawl at her own pace. My kids were seven and eight months before they crawled,I hope this one will be the same too.


karen - January 5

Krystal. What I did was have "tummy time" with Kodi, everyday or night I would put him on his tummy and see what he does, eventulally he started with some movements etc.


krystal - January 5

TY. i will definetely try more tummy time with him but usually it doesn't last long because he doesn't seem to care for it very much.


karen - January 5

Seem thing happen to ne krystal. Kodi did not like it at first, I let him tell me when enouhg was enough. He eventually spent longer time on his tummy the more I did it. Once he has had enough he will let you know. Keep it up. I also brought bab einstein "tummy time" books. It distracted him and allowed for longer time on the tummy, playing with him also helps . encouraging words like "good boy' " mama's little man" "big boy" all helped me. good luck :0)


newmom - January 5

What i do is that i lay him on his tummy and keep his favorite toys ahead and he has been trying since 3rd month now finally he foundout that he can get them..Today my whole family and friends came to see my little guy crawling as if he is a celebrity every one took his pictures...I'm so proud and he got new toys tooo from every body..



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