He Just Hit Me

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Narcissus - June 19

Well, whoever thinks that hitting is a learned behavior, it's not:) My 15 month old just got super p___sed and hit me & grabbed my skirt to try to yank it off me. He was mad bc I would not let him play in the kitchen cupboards while I cooked. We don't hit in this house so it must be innate. I had to try not to laugh bc my sweet little guy thinks he can intimidate me by his strength, lol!!! Do any of you have toddlers that hit you, without ever having witnessed a spanking or other children hitting each other?


HannahBaby - June 19

my daughther has never been hit nor seen a kid get hit and she hits my husband all the time (playing though) When she get mad at me when im trying to change her diaper she kicks me. I think its natural instinct, not a learned behavior


Narcissus - June 19

Yes, I agree. I was shocked that he hauled out & wacked me. He caught me off guard. My son is becoming very independent and naughty and at only 15 months, he has me wondering what the terrible two's will be like.


Christy - June 19

My freind's son is Aja's age and he is into biting her right now. He has not seen anyone do that, so I am sure it is one of those innate things. Or maybe it is exploratory- like "Let's see what happens if I do this." Has he done it since?


hrsmith - June 19

I have read that it can be a symptom of being overtired. I don't know if that is your case though. It most likely is probably just a phase.


hello - June 20

hi narc, can i harra__s u as chelsey is hardly around.........make it clear with your eye contact and voice that its not on though.....


mcbanes_angel - June 20

ive seen children do that before. its just instinct, but needs to be punished


Narcissus - June 20

There is no way to punish a 15 month old. The response that an adult gives should be age-dependent. At his age, ignoring the behavior so he sees that it gets zero response, or giving a firm NO is suitable.


Bonnie - June 20

lol Narcissus, sounds like you have some fun times ahead! :D



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