He Loves His Birthday Suit

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mandee25 - February 15

Do any of you girls have this problem? After you take your baby out of the bath and start to dress them do they FREAK OUT like it's the end of the world? My ds hates to get dressed, especially after a bath and I am starting to dread baths because of this. I mean he just screams! It happens almost everytime and it's not hunger because I always make sure he is fed before his bath.


piratesmermaid - February 15

Gretchen does sometimes because she knows it's bedtime next and she hates bedtime. She'll stiffen up and make it difficult for my hubby to get her in her pjs.


ashtynsmom - February 15

Yes, my dd is one, and still does this. She cries when I take her out of the tub, and the whole time I am dressing her. It is so frustrating... once she is dressed, she is fine!


ashtynsmom - February 15

Let me add..... we usually let her run around naked for a couple of mins, b/c she LOVES it.... but inevidably- she pees on the floor!! makes dh so mad!! ha ha


Nita_ - February 15

ashtynsmom- LOL!!


rl- - February 15

oh my ds loves to be naked and it is so hard to get him dressed he wants to take off he does not cry he just tries to get away and laughs and laughs it is so funny to see him do that but it also wears me out LOL I finally have to catch him and make him let me dress him and he kinds fusses cause he just wants to play.....


mcatherine - February 15

My son loves to be naked. Some nights we build a fire just so he can roll around on a blanket naked and not get cold.


cae - February 15

LOL ashtynsmom. Yep..Ethan thinks it halirious when he is naked, he runs all over the house.


3babies - February 16

Do you think it's more a boy thing ... after all most men think we love to see them naked ;>) JK All my kids love getting their gear off, including Abbey, but my 6 and 4 yo boys would happily still roam around naked if I let them (actually my 6 yo has just started not getting changed in front of girls so there is hope!!)


^lucy^ - February 16

hehe mine too.. she's 9 months today and she literally pulls her shirt or whatever im dressing her and refuses to get dressed.. she loves to be naked :p


jilly01 - February 16

See if we have nothing to do it always naked time here. the summers i think she just spends all her time in a dipar


mommie2be - February 16

Absolutely! My dd gets so angry that she's sweating and red after I've dressed her for bed (just after her bath). I give her "scootie pants" time before her bath, but after bath, she's mad.


mandee25 - February 16

Okay now I feel like I am not the only one who has to deal with this. TY!!! I just hope he doesn't end up being a nudist someday. lol


jenrodel - February 16

My ds is almost 5 months old and loves to be naked haha... even when he's in a grump and fussing / crying, if you undress him he's all smiles! It's too cute ;)



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