He S Finally Perfectly Healthy

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mosley12 - March 5

Ds was born 3 weeks early, had pnemonia, 3 heart murmers, high bp, and an umbilical hernia..well today we went to his 4 month checkt up, the dr. listened to his heart,checked his bp and hernia, and listened to his lungs. the 3 murmers are completely closed, his bp is normal, the hernia is closed, and his lungs are completely clear...today was the first time ive heard dr. tell me my baby was absolutely perfect and did not have one thing wrong with him and was in perfect health. i started to tear up a little just hearing those words after 4 months of worrying. i know there are babies out there who have been sicker, but it just felt like i had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. the dr. also said he was one of te strongiest and happiest babies he's seen in awhile. ds was 15.12 lbs and 25 inches long. everyone always tells me what a big bay i have, so i thought he would bigger, but the dr. said theres a big difference between beng a big baby and being a fat baby. he said ds was solid, and thats perfect. ive been so happy ive been telling everyone..lol...how much did your lo weigh in at 4 months


Mellissa - March 5

that's awesome!!! diesel was pretty much the same size at 4 months. 15 lbs 5 oz, and 26 1/2 in long, i think. I know you must be so relieved to know your baby is fine!! i can't imagine having to worry about all of that!! Congrats!!


ash2 - March 5

Aww, mosely i actually got teared up for you !!! That is excelent news and definantly a reason to celebrate ! Hold him and hug him tight ! There is a poem i wrote about how we take advantage about little things like this.....i will try to bring it up !


Smilefull - March 5

You deserve one hell of a pat on the back. That's so grande mosley. So happy to hear this good news.


ash2 - March 5

Here it is..............Im thankful for the wet diapers because i know his kidneys work so well ; Im thankful for the dirty diapers and his good bowels even though they smell ; Im thankful for the snotty noses that i wipe every day ; because i know his sinuses work in each and every way ; Im thankful for his fingernails that scratch my nose, because i know i see them grow and grow and grow ; Im thankful for the tiny teeth that bite so hard on my b___st, because i know what i am feeding him will always be my best ; Im thankful for the loud, obnoxious cries that i hear from someone so young, because i know those come from some very healthy lungs ; Im am thankful for the fits that he throws when he rears his back so far ; Im thankful for the quiet rides when he is fast asleep in the car. Im thankful for all of these troubles that i endure everyday because i know he is healthy in each and every way !!! .


mosley12 - March 5

thanks guys. he has a little fever now and his leg is a little red from the shots...i feel so bad for him. he keeps giving us looks like i cant believe you let them do that to me..lol...this is the happiest ive been in a long time. things are finally starting to look up, and hearing " your baby is absolutely perfect and healthy" is the best thing ive ever heard. ash2, that poem is great! im in the middle of redoing my myspace page, so do you think it would be ok if i put that on it? i might just take out the b___st part, since he doesnt have teeth and i dont b___stfeed, but that would be it


srigles - March 5

That's so great! Congrats! I'll have to let you know how much Keegan weighs after his 4 month appointment on Thursday.... he was 5 weeks early and was 13lbs & 22 3/4 inches at 3 months. That's so awesome that he's got a clean bill of health! Good news!


mcatherine - March 5

Good for you and your boy! He was perfect the whole time, mosley - but I'm glad someone else finally told you that!


mosley12 - March 5

i know he was perfect. he's absolutely amazing..but to hear that he was in perfect health, without one medical problem whatsoever, when we have been dealing with it as long as he's been alive, was just the best news in a long time


ash2 - March 5

Of course i dont mind...i even have it on mine : )


mosley12 - March 5

ok thanks. when i have the time im completely redoing it, so i want to put it on there..thanks so much!


mosley12 - March 5

mcatherine, sorry, i just read my response and it sounded kinda snippy..i didnt mean it to whatsoever!


mandee25 - March 7

That is great news mosley! It must be a big relief for you. My ds was 16 lbs and 26 inches long at 14 weeks old. He won't be 4 months until March 21st.


mosley12 - March 7

jeez everyone is telling me how big he is, but he seems to be one of the smallest! lol



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