He S So Wonderful He S So Inconsiderate

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Rabbits07 - June 27

Slightly OT...but there's so much talk about our lo's and the things they do that we love (and don't love). How about those DH's or DB's or SO's? What's the best thing your biggest baby (ha!ha!) has ever done for you and what's something that made you wonder why in the world you are with him?


Rabbits07 - June 27

The best thing my dh has ever done was actually this past weekend. We had decided to purchase a new vehicle...a truck for dh to be precise as his is nearing that sc___p metal heap in the sky! Well, dh decided instead that I deserved a new minivan!!! I was soooooooo happy!!! Then I was walking down the driveway where dh had been working on one of our business vehicles, a large diesel truck, and I see this container there with used motor oil in it where he had changed the oil and I'm thinking---hmmmmmm, that looks JUST like my diaper pail---(ds is a clothe diapered baby) well, I get in the house and it doesn't just LOOK like my diaper pail, it IS my diaper pail! How inconsiderate can one man be???!!!


taral - June 27

This is fun! When pregnant with 3rd baby, (other 2 were 1wk, and 2wk early), my husband wanted to go to a bachelor party out of state....but I would be 37 weeks and didn't want him to leave me. He didn't go (wonderful), however on the night the bachelor party started he called an asked if he could go ahead and fly there (NOT wonderful). I was shocked that he thought that would be okay.....I was ready to have baby anytime and have two little kids to contend with. Needless to say, I was upset so he didn't go...I just was surprised he thought it would be okay. (The dr. had already said I could have baby any day!!!).


Ginny - June 27

Oh, no!! Rabbits07, that's terrible! I heard a woman say once, "Some days I could eat him up, and other days I wish I had!" Says it all. This is a great idea for a thread. My husband does so many little irritating things that I started a comic called Jason the Jerk. He thinks it's funny! For my birthday he surprised me at work with a cake, and sent me to a series of Byzantine Art cla__ses and took care of the baby. And he bragged to everyone about what I made in the cla__s, and made me feel as though I have some kind of talent!! I love that man. BUT- Before Mother's Day I kept hinting around that he should think something up since baby girl is too little to do it on her own. I thought he had caught on, because he would smile really big and tell me not to worry. Well, apparently he thought that all he had to do was drive me to the celebration for his mom and grandmother. We sat around the table and all the mom's in the room were opening presents and I had nothing. At that point he realized he had f%$#ed up, and tells me that I'm getting my surprise the next day (as though he had planned it that way all along.) So he comes home late from work the next day, so I figured he was shopping - NOPE, empty handed. He had stopped by his friends house, already forgetting the whole thing. THEN, when he saw how hurt and disappointed I was, he announced that the surprise was that he would make me dinner. And since I had already made dinner, he just fixed my plate. Bad, husband! No biscuit!


Ginny - June 27

Taral, that's terrible! My husband pulls that same c___p!


austinsmom - June 27

the best thing my hubby has ever done for me hmmmmm........ he got me pregnant when I asked him too lol!!!! He has been a great help most of the time but he has no understanding of a womans vanity......after lo was born and I had to start pumping I had these huge melons I mean at least double of what they used to be and you would think he would like that but hey guess what? He was scared of them lol I kid you not......He watched me pump and saw how far out my nipple was being pulled and he actually told me that he was grossed out by the whole process!!!!!! He did not touch my girls untill I quit b___stfeeding and pumping for 3 weeks!!!!! I felt like a leper and the girls got pretty lonely and I felt pretty p__sy and depressed for a while after that .......can you believe a man could possibly find larger b___bs with big nipples offensive? Now you can........


TinaMarie - June 27

I love my hubby to pieces. I am so in love with him and I am so fortunate to have him in my life. Some nice things he has done...one day after I had the baby I was having a pity party for myself. He asked what was wrong, I sobbed that I didn't feel like I was special to him. Later that evening after the baby went to sleep he pulled out his guitar and sand a song he wrote for me. It was beautiful, and very special. He never really drives me crazy, I guess if I had to pick something it would be that he constantly loses everything. He can hunt for his gla__ses for 20 mins to realize they are on his head...lol. He is truly the most amazing man in the world, I never thought it was possible to be so in love and so happy. He is my best friend.


Bonnie - June 27

Ian is great to me. :) Let's see...his recent biggest thing was buying me my new camera. He also takes Mason anytime I ask him too, even if he has had a c___p day.....ummm bad stuff...he farts ALL THE TIME!! Argh I mis being pregnant because I took SOOO much revenge on him then! LOL


Narcissus - June 28

Great thread! The BEST thing that my dh has done is be 100% commited to our family. When he gets home from work, it's all about family time for him. He does not watch tv or do personal things unless Aja is asleep. A lot of men get home and go straight to the sofa to relax but my dh does not and I love that about him. The WORST thing that he did was, hmmm...? Honestly, I don't have anything awful so I will have to say that he is really bad about getting home when he says he will be home. It annoys me bc he still has not learned to adjust the time that he chooses based on his past record. You would think he would always add 30 minutes to whatever time he said he would be home but he still has not figured that out.


HannahBaby - June 28

The best thing that my husband has ever done for me was take a second job (he started his own painting business) so that i could stay home and raise our kids. He works 16 hour days (8 hours as a cop, 8 hours painting) and spends all of his free time with us. There arent many guys out there who would give up their life and time with their child to support my pregnant behind :o) Hes the greatest. Hes never done anything inconsiderate. He has his moments when hes like "why isnt this done and why isnt this done" when he gets home from a loooong day at work, but then he always apologizes knowing that being a SAHM isnt easy espically while your pregnant. Dont get me wrong we have had arguements but hes never done anything that really hurt my feelings


babyO - June 28

OH hannahbaby my husband is a cop too! Best thing he has is being able to stay home wih our son while I am working...umm when I was preganant he would drive to downtown chicago/loop after work so that he could bring me Garretts popcorn! AND he would buy a tub of it! YUMMY! Now he is really good about picking up. Inconsiderate things...um never comes home at the time he says he will or wont even call to tell me he is running late.


Sophia - June 28

My hubby is a charm. He goes to work early, gets back from work 12 hours later, and is still game for doing chores and bathing baby! He eats whatever I cook, and doesn't mind if I don't ! Inconsiderate? Not at all !


HannahBaby - June 28

BABYO_ thats so cool that your hubby is a cop too. My husband was on the news today because there was a double murder in our county last night and he had to arraign the guy who did it so he was on the news and he was so proud of himself!! He made me Tivo it on EVERY channel. I know how you feel about hubby not coming home on time. My dads in the hospital and i was supposed to go and see him on sunday but he got stuck on an a__sault case and was home 3 hours late, it comes with the territory. I hate being home alone and one night he was supposed to be home at 11pm and he called and said that he would be late so i tried to wait up but eventually fell asleep. I woke up at 7am to him climbing into bed. Thank god i didnt wake up in the middle of the night!!


Renee-Marie - June 28

Great thread! Best thing my DH did was while I was pregnant. It was our anniversary, and I had been put on bedrest teh day prior. Therefore, his surprise dinner in NYC and Show had to be cancelled. In lieu of, he ordered Italian Take-Out, plated it on our fine china, set the table, and decorated it with our unity candle and also put my dress (still in the box) in the corner for "atmosphere". He also had our wedding video playing on the television to watch as we ate dinner. Oh! And he recorded my reaction as I entered the dining room. We also attempted to eat the top of our cake (it was our 1 year anniversary - and YUCK - who invented that tradition!) The worst thing my DH does... I just can't stand that I have to ask him to do things. "Can you take out the garbage". "Can you bring down the laundry" "Can you load/unload the dishwasher." Can't he just see that it needs to be done and do it? I really can't stand it! OTherwise, he's a very considerate, romantic guy and I love him.



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