He Wasn T Kidding

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Lovely - December 30

Dear Lord... Give me strength. Not to put up with my DH, but to kill him good and proper. He just called from the road (he's a trucker) and had a 'great idea' on how to spend my cherished, beloved New Year's Eve.... ready... he wants to go tobbogganing. As a FAMILY. What a Halmark moment. Did I mention today is EXACTLY 3 WEEKS to the DAY that i had my SECOND MAJOR SURGERY in only 3 months!!!??? so, careening down a hill on a plastic sheet of death seems like a good idea? And hey, the 3 MONTH OLD BABY can almost hold herself upright, why not throw her on there too, if we fall off, she'll remember to tuck and roll. Oh. And for those who know me... I have always... ALWAY HATED THE COLD!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT! It's nothing new, no secret! And he wants me to go out in the cold, with a baby, after 2 abdominal surgeries, TO GO TOBOGGANNING. He didn't understand why I yelled at him, cried at his stupidity and hung up. He wasn't kidding! Are ALL men this stupid, or am I just the lucky one?


HELLO - December 30



TC - December 30

WOW!! Lovely, I am sorry to say, but I think that your story takes the cake. You are not the only lucky one. I think we all have been hit with a streak of luck at sometime in our lives. I say bc you know that he has the man disease, try and talk to him calmly and just let him know that there is no way in hell that you are sliding down a mountain. Good Luck Mama!


tiffani - December 30

I wish I could be of comfort here, but I truly find this story, as told by you, quite funny! I don't think he's stupid, but rather just a typical man who doesn't think before he speaks. They just aren't capable of it, i'm convinced. Sounds like you'e one lucky lady. lol :o)


SonyaM - December 30

Oh My GOSH!!!! I am laughing so hard I am crying. Luckily not all men are this stupid but that is seriously the funniest thing I have read in a really really long time. If it makes me feel any better, you have made my day!!!


Lovely - December 30

*sigh* Yes, I'm SO GLAD my dry wit could make your day. :) My DAH (that's dumb a$$ husband) called to say maybe we could go another time..... YOU THINK??? happy new year's anyway!


Heidi - December 30

Ha ha! That's too funny. Well the weather hasn't been too cold....hee hee! I even bought Emma an infant sled but she's only 3 months old so I don't forsee me pulling her on it till the end of winter! Let your DH go flying down a nice steep hill by himself. Ha ha!


The real Lissi - December 30

LMAO! Awww,bless his stupid little heart! Men are so pathetic aren't they? You're very funny when you're p__sed off. Thank your husband for making me chuckle. :)


Lovely - December 30

Dumb A$$ Husband! Did I mention he's roughly 300 lbs? who the hell wants to see THAT coming down a hill at them! He could KILL a poor kid if he hit them! Don't get me wrong, I love my men x-large, but on a snowy slope, that's called an AVALANCHE!


Andrews Mommy - December 31

LOL Lovely! When Andrew was only a few weeks old, my DH (you know, I am not sure what that means....dad of child and husband??) suggested camping or a road trip........sure they think it should be easy to do this because they HAVE NO IDEA of what the day is like for the baby and what their requirements are! Sterilizing the bottles? Boiling water? Washing everything before it goes into their mouths - never mind dirt if we actually had gone camping! He didnt think of how long it would take us to do a road trip because he figured I could just jump in the back REMOVE Andrew from his carseat to feed him WHILE we are still driving and it would take just as long as it used to to get there........ "Thought process, then speak" - I keep hoping he learns!


Wild and Crazy - December 31

All men are that stupid .....can I come tobagganing too . Little Vanessa would love it ! LOL


Darla - December 31

oh sweetie, you are a lucky one. you have a husband who loves you and wants you to be a big part of his life. the fun part. go have fun with him enjoy him. you're only young once. how romantic.


Wild and Crazy - December 31

I'm with Darla on this one . Its not at ridiculous as you think . Its not glamorous but its nice . Life is short play hard .


Narcissus - December 31

Poor Lovely. Men really suck b___s, don't they? My dh also says everything wrong at precisely the right moment. Like we are not busy enough with our children but now we have to babysit our husbands as well!


mommy716 - December 31

hello Lovely!! it was very stupid of your husband to ask you something like that, does he not think!! and no your not the only one with a man like that, my fiancee asked me to go offroading with his friend rite after I gave birth to a 10.2 pound baby, ALL NATURAL!! I had over 100 st_tches and could barely get up the stairs, he asked me to go on a bumpy ride... come on now, MEN ARE STUPID!!!!!


SonyaM - December 31

I just rememberd something that might make you feel better. Keeping in mind we live in south Texas and have no idea how to drive in the snow....my wonderful husband suggested a couple of weeks ago...."wouldn't it be fun to drive to New Mexico to show the boys snow?". Now, our boys are three and half and 12 weeks. I can see perhaps the three year old, but what exactly is the 12 week old gonna do in the snow other than freeze. Although it was a sweet idea, get real!!! It would be about a 10 hour trip to get there, no thank you and then what???? Too funny!


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 31

I'm sorry to be sitting here laughing Lovely, but your stories are fabulous, you tell them with just the right amount of humor! I think all men are that stupid. They don't think at all when it comes to certain things. And they have no idea what it is like to give birth to a baby and deal with all the aftermath, especially in your situation! You are a lucky girl! : )



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