Head Circumference

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monica - November 10

My friend just got back from her daughters 2 months appointment. The doctor was a little concered because her head circ_mference was small compared to her height and weight. Does anyone know what this could mean?


BBK ® © - November 10

It could mean a small head, but medically there are three scenarios: Craniosynostosis (premature fusion of cranial sutures), Prenatal insult (Maternal drug or alcohol abuse Maternal infection Complications of pregnancy/birth), or Chromosomal defects. Any of these findings would have to be confirmed with a lab....measurements alone are not enough. Hopefully it's all well.


Jbear - November 10

My doctor was worried because my daughter's head was so big...but he hasn't seen my big-headed husband.


monica - November 10

jbear you just made me laugh..


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 10

Our doctor said as long as the head circ_mfrance stays withing 10 percent of the percentile that it has always been in they are pretty much ok. Height and weight can jump but they dont want the head to go up or down too much.


monica - November 10

well I was curious about my son and i took his measurements to the growth charts. Here are his results: Length = 90th percentile Weight = between 75th and 90th percentile Head Circ_mference = between 25th and 50th percentile I guess he has a small head too. Oh well we will se what his ped. say in a couple of weeks....I know he still has a bit of a flat head...I wonder if that has anything to do with it.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 11

That is exactly like my son Monica. My babies head is in the 50th percentile and weight is 90th and ht is 75th and docs say he looks great. I'm not up on exactly what that all means but as long as they tell me my son is healthy I am happy. I know he is a smart one for sure. I know when he was newborn his head was in the 10th percentile and ht and wt were in the 50th. Jbear-Funny!!!LOL



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