Head Shape

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Carol - April 17

Does the shape of a babies head change?


Monalisa - April 10

Yes , The head shape does change. If You place a round soft ring like object arount the baby head, her head will become round.


VANESSA - April 17



lilmama - November 27

yes your babies head may look deformed for a while after birth, but it will look normal soon dont worry. At birth, the head is squeezed and pulled and mushed around and may make it look funny. Especially if you have a vaccuum used


kate - December 7

I have noticed many babies, toddlers and up have pancake heads...due to laying them on their backs to lower risk of SIDS.Absolutely babies heads change shape..changing their sleeping positions helps avoid this.I would think the risk of suffocating or choking to death on spit-up would be much greater than SIDS.


t - December 21

To my knowledge, there hasn't been one case of a baby choking to death on spitup lying on it's back. Lots of cases of babies suffocating on their tummies because they were too weak to move their heads all the way over. All three of my sons were back babies, and they always had their heads turned to the side...no choking. The only one who had a problem with his head shape had a condition called torticollis and he had to have physical therapy anyway. Sorry, it just steams me when I hear the old "choke to death on the back" wives' tale.


mary - January 27

I agree with "T". I also have never heard of a baby chocking while on his back...also it is recomended that you do let your baby lay in different positions for several reasons..one to help strengthen different muscles. (always on his back if you are not right there though), to help shape the childs head and to help keep them occupied.


Aimee Carela - February 18

Yes it does.


John - May 13

My baby head is long kinda a cone head. Do you think it will get in normal shape?



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