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piratesmermaid - January 31

I HATE the insurance we have now, well actually, we don't even have it! We couldn't afford hubby's insurance through his job (almost $400/month) and that barely coverred anything, so we signed up for Design Savers, a government insurance in October. Well, I mentioned this before, they charged the wrong card, it got denied and they closed our account WITHOUT TELLING US, so it was a few months when we thought we had insurance and we DIDN'T! So I called them and we are supposed to be reinstated tomorrow. Which is fine except I need to change the card # on the account, and I've been trying to do this all freakn month, but they said that my account hasn't been updated yet so I couldn't and that they'd call me when it has been so I can change the number. Well, here it is the end of the freakn month and NO ONE HAS CALLED. The card gets ran tomorrow. I have been calling all day and it's BUSY. So if I can't get through, then the wrong card is going to be ran, it'll probably be declined, and they're going to close our account again without telling us!!!!!!!.......... Does anybody have insurance that isn't through their job? Insurance that is actually worth a d**n?


sahmof3 - January 31

I'll be no help because we are having trouble, too! My kids are on a government program, too, called PA CHIP (insurance for working families) for he same reason as your dd... dh's work insurance is too expensive. Anyway, my older two have been on one plan with no problems, but my youngest is on another because he was under 12 months when we signed up for it and infants are on a different plan. Well, now he needs to be transferred to the same one as the older kids, so I called the social worker and told her and we had a go round because she kept saying, "He has to be over a year old for that plan." And I said, "He's 17 months." And she said the same thing. I didn't want to ast like a smart-a**, but finally had to tell her that 17 months IS over a year DUH!!!! Finally I thought we had it taken care of and I specifically asked if his flu shots would be covered by the new plan, as I was pretty sure we wouldn't have our new card in the mail yet and she said yes. Well, sure enough, they submitted it to the old plan and it was denied and we have a mess to sort through. They are saying he was never switched to the new plan, so they are saying there was a space in time where he wasn't covered. UGH! Then, everyone I talk to there makes it sound like I was too dumb to know that he should have been switched from one plan one day and added to the new one the next.... Um, yeah, I know... that's why I had it set up that way, at least I thought so... I can't exactly hack into their system and add him myself... I have to rely on (apparently) unreliable people to do it for me. GGRRRR! So, as I said, I'm no help, but I can sympathize. How do these people even get jobs like that? Seems like it would take so much more effort to constantly screw up than to jut do a job correctly lol.


piratesmermaid - January 31

Why is insurance always such a problem? It's expensive and more of a ha__sle than it should be! We are actually tempted to just not have insurance and just put the money aside that we would use to pay for the insurance and pay out of pocket since we really don't go to the doctor that much (thank God) but with Gretchen so young, that scares me too......


LisaB - January 31

I no longer have it but after I had ds I quit my job and we went on Cingas personal insurance it was under 200 a month for the three of us and all well baby and well woan exams are covered- it also covered all shots. It does not cover matrnity but most independant insurances don't. We never had a hospilization or anything but for the routine stuff it was great.


DeeJay - February 1

sahmof3, do you know what the income cut off is for chip? I am also in Pa and my hubbies insurance now cost us about 600.00 a month and it doesn't even cover anything I need. So I thought about me and dd going off it and putting her on chip. I'll just take my chances. We just got a letter from dh work saying they are "restructuring " the insurance, so that probably means it is going even higher. We are not poor but work paycheck to paycheck and it is just too much, and then I end up paying for all my allergy and BC medicine full price anyway!! One thing that is funny and we'll probably get caught but my dog has a prescription that I had to fill at the pharmacy and it only cost 2 bucks. So when I got in the car I read it and my insurance covered it and that was the copay!!!! So the dogs medicine is covered but not mine. Anyway sorta an OT rant about insurance, but it really gets to me.



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