Healthy Snacks For MOM

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BusyBee - February 28

I am so careful about what I feed ds, but my eating habits have hit rock bottom lately. I snack a lot on things like chips, chocolate, and donuts. I don't have a weight issue - I'm 110 lbs. But I am worried about my health. Any ideas for healthy snacks that are quick and tasty for a busy mom?


Rhiannon - February 28

I eat apricots when I want something sugary. Or you can cut up veggies at night and snack on them during the day.


KLC - February 28

I make up some tuna or egg salad and I keep wraps around and then I just make a quick wrap when I get hungry.


ssmith - February 28

Yogurt, almonds & raisins, baby carrots & hummus, pretzels, apples & cheese, celery & cheese, granola bars (not the chocolate ones!), bowl of cereal, bananas & peanut b___ter.....those are my fav's! Mmm, now I'm hungry!!


Erynn21 - February 28

Triscuits and cheese, sliced oranges, hummus and tortilla chips, peanut b___ter and apples, i also really dig quesadillas, if you buy that bagged, shredded cheese you can have on in about 5 minutes.


foxhoundsrgr8 - February 28

Nuts (I love 'em): pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, seeds: my favorites are pumpkin seeds, I munch on them all day long. Then there is fruit, muesli (also: bars), oatmeal, oatcakes, rice cakes, the list goes on and on. Did you have sweet or salty in mind?


Rabbits07 - February 28

I love the Quaker Rice Cakes (not flavored) with different toppings...peanut b___ter and banana drizzled with honey, fat free cream cheese and strawberries, etc. the varieties are endless! I don't recommend the rice cakes alone as they taste like cardboard, but they make a good base for the rest of the


BusyBee - February 28

Thanks for all the ideas! I threw out a bunch of my junk food today and I bought some ingredients to make hummus (sounded appealing).


chrissi79 - February 28

I am loving these new Nature Valley bars - the Sweet and Salty ones. :) They are yummy and satisfy my sweet craving instead of chocolate...


snugglybugglys - February 28

Those new 100 calorie snacks are yummy.


mischelly30 - February 28

I second the rice cakes, although I'm a fan of the Apple & Cinnamon Quakes (they're bite-sized rice cakes). I keep some in my desk at work for those mid-afternoon munchies.



Edamame is the best! It's yummy and super healthy for you.


Mellissa - March 1

ok.. what exactly is hummus and what does it taste like? I see it all the time in the grocery store and want to try it... i'm just not sure what to expect!


BusyBee - March 1

Mellissa, Hummus is a dip made out of chickpeas (other stuff is added like garlic, lemon juice, c_min, olive oil). You can dip vegetable, taco chips, or pita bread in it. It's supposed to be a healthy snack option and it only took me 5 minutes to whip it up in the food processor.



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