Hearing Neighbor Thru Baby Monitor

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Ginger - December 29

Has this happened to you? I find this a bit disturbing. How does this happen? I mean...I hear our neighbor just like they are sitting right in front of me!!!


Shawanah - December 29

Do they have a monitor too, or are you picking up their phone? Ours picked up our neighbor's phone. We told them and they changed the channel.


did you hear - December 29

anything juicy? Anyway pretty common for this to happen, like the other person said changing channels should work. If your baby monitor has this functionality then you can change yours if not you have to tell the neighbors so that they can change the channel on their phone.


Narcissus - December 29

Yeah, whats going on next door?? Fill us in!!


Narcissus - December 29

I'd be glued to that monitor, lol!!


Ginger - December 29

Too funny you guys. To be honest...I really didn't pay attention...I was just like OMG if I can hear them...yep...they hear us! NOT good.


SonyaM - December 29

Yes this happened at our old house. We could hear our neigbhor across the street talking on their phone. Creepy. Then one day we heard another baby (infant) and the mobil playing Jesus loves the children. We couldn''t figure out who it was because we lived in a neighborhood with mostly retired folks. Come to find out a family two streets away had a newborn baby and it was them on the monitor. Very creepy.


TC - December 30

OMG, how about hearing a baby cry on your monitor when yours in the bed right in front of you. That freaked me the hell out. I did not know that anyone else in the neighborhood had a small baby. We got a different monitor and have not had any problems.


Lovely - December 30

I always a__sume my nosy neighbors can hear me, so I talk about them while I change the baby. Or else I speak in tongue and pretend we're doing some weird voo-doo thing! LOL! I have a twisted sence of humor, I know, but you don't know my neighbors!


Heidi - December 30

Yes it's very common. My dad is an electronic genious and he had a portable scanner and we could drive around neighborhoods scanning for baby monitors and we'd pick them up all the time and we could listen to everything that was going on. Tell them to switch channels on the monitor if it has the option. Mine has two. Same with cordless phones. We used to sit and listen to those all the time and found out one of my neighbors was having an affair!!!!! Oh cell phones too. They're the worst. We'd sit in my house and listen to them all the time if the were within a couple miles of my house. Sooooo interesting to listen to!


TC - December 31

Heidi, I am sending the cops your way right as we speak! LOL!!! Wait, can you hear me typing????? LOL!!!


sorry - December 31

sorry I think I'm just stupid, but can anybody explain how that can happen? And when you say switch channel, how do you do that?


Heidi - December 31

That's okay, I work for the police and my dad has shown my chief how to use his radio to pick up cell phones and cordless phones! It's really easy. If you have a monitor look and see if it has a channel switch on it. I don't know if they all do or not. Mine says A or B. I don't keep mine on when I'm not using it just for that very reason. Oh if you have a 900 mhz cordless you don't have to worry. They can't pick them up. Just the 600 mhz phones and those are pretty obsolete.


hey sorry - January 1

heres the answer to your question: A baby monitor is essentially a radio transmitter on a fixed frequency that puts out a nice FM signal so long as it is on. Most baby monitors transmit on a fixed frequency of 49.300, 49.830, 49.845, 49.860, 49.875, or 49.890 MHz (some have an A/B switch that lets you pick one of two of these). If the monitor is in an upstairs bedroom, in a house not covered with aluminum siding, even the simplest radio scanner can easily hear all sounds from that room. The receiver in a radio scanner is typically quite a bit more sensitive than the receiver portion of your baby monitor, and the scanner can pick up the transmission from perhaps half a mile away. HeidI I hope to God I live no where near your nosey a__s!


liz - January 2

OMG what if they hear you having s_x?


sorry - January 2

Thanks for explaining it to me . LMAO Liz!


C - January 5

That happened to me when my baby was 2 weeks old..i heard my neighbour's kids. they were taking a nap and all the sudden making weird noises:S



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