Heart Palpitations And Hot Sweaty

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stefkay - September 23

Hi, I am 11 weeks pp and for a few weeks now I've been having crazy heart palpitations and I am hot sweat a lot (like hot flashes kind of) When the heart palps happen I also get what feels like a surge of adrenaline in my chest (like how you feel when someone jumps out and scares you). Anyways, I had an ekg today and of course it didn't happen then so my primary care dr. is sending me to a heart center to have a 24 hr. monitor put on me. I'm really nervous about this. I know stress probably plays into it but now I'm wondering if some of it is hormones? Anyone else have this? It seems worse at night....oh, and I am br___tfeeding too exclusively. It also seems to happen regardless of whether I feel stressed or not, but if I focus on it a lot and start worrying about it, it seems to get worse....agh.


Zeke - September 24

Have they checked your thyroid? If not I'd ask. With both my babies I had postpartum Hyperthyroid - which caused both hot flashes/sweating and heart palpitations. I also was exclusively bfing and I noticed the heart palpitations were worse if I wasn't drinking enough water. Hope you feel better soon.


stefkay - September 24

Funny you mentioned that because my dr. just called me back after blood work yesterday (I am also wearing a 24 hr. heart monitor today) but blood work shows me as hyperthyroid! I am scheduled for a thyroid scan in a month. How were you treated and did it go away? I wondered why I have been able to eat like a horse and not gain any weight. I haven't lost much but the first 20 I dropped after birth, but I haven't gained either. I'm wanting to start working out again and lose the rest of the weight but I'm afraid to now (heart stuff)....I also worry that they will put me on meds that will make me gain weight?


Zeke - September 25

I think it depends how hyperthyroid you are what the dr will decide. With my 1st baby I was taking synthroid (a drug for HYPOthyroid) while I was pregnant and at my 6 wk postpartum check up they checked my thyroid and saw I was hyperthyroid. I quit taking the synthroid but I continued to stay hyperthyroid so I had to see an endocrinologist. They did an ultrasound of my thyroid and an radiation uptake scan to make sure I didn't have cancer or anything. No cancer but they did recommend I have radiation therapy to kill my thyroid. By this time my baby was 4 mos old. If you do the radiation therapy you have be completely done b___stfeeding and cannot restart with this baby (they say you can nurse another baby if you do have one). And you cannot get pregnant for at least a year after the radiation. This was not something I was comfortable with. I really wanted to b___stfeed for a year and I knew I wanted to have more children in the not too distant future. So, I declined the radiation. There are two anti-thyroid drugs that are usually prescribed for hyperthyroid. I was put on propylthiouracil (PTU). It is considered the safer of the two for b___stfeeding. You would have to check with your ped. if it would be alright for you but mine said it was alright. I ended up only being on the PTU for 6 weeks - my thyroid levels stabilized, and stayed normal once off the PTU. 2 mos later I was pregnant again (sooner than I had originally planned). This time my thyroid stayed normal the who pregnancy but went hyperthyroid again postpartum. I chose to go unmedicated this time and just monitor my health. I had a few problems with heart palpitations when I had a sinus infection a few months ago but nothing too bad. If given a choice I would look at how you are feeling. Tired/drained/super cranky...might want to think about the medication. My husband will tell you it makes a huge difference LOL. It takes some time to figure out the right doses. Once that happens you shouldn't really gain weight. Try drinking more water though, especially if you are going to start exercising again. I notice a huge difference in how my heart feels if I'm dehydrated at bedtime. Sorry this is was so long. I did a lot of research and have been on both sides of the hypo-hyperthyroid issue - please feel free to ask me anymore questions. If you want to chat privately you can email me at zeke_ woolsey (at) yahoo (dot) com


stefkay - September 28

Zeke, thank you so so much for your information. I'm really nervous now as my dr. never mentioned cancer to me? I'm already high anxiety (I'm sure partially due to the thyroid issues). but I'm also scared I will have to wean my daughter. She is my first and I want more than anything to b___stfeed her for at least 6 months. She is now 3 months (almost). I would like to have one more, but we want to wait 2 to 3 years. I can't wait any longer than that because I will be 33 this January. I'd like to be done with the baby thing by 36. I worry about the risks past that. Anyways, I have the radiation uptake scan in a few weeks. Oh also I forgot to mention that I have been taking iodine supplements for over year now because I went to a homeopathic dr. who tested my iodine levels and said they were VERY low. He kept testing them every few months and they stayed low even though I was taking like 50 mg a day (4 pills). I am kind of p__sed wondering if this also contributed. I called him and he insisted it was not the iodine, but how could it not? I am not taking it now, but I also know that the pregnancy alone could have done it. I hope this will not affect my chance of having another c hild. I had 6 early losses before my daughter and I never want to go through that again. I remember reading in my research that throid problems can contribute to miscarriages.


Zeke - September 30

Stefkay - I wouldn't worry about cancer until they say the words. I seems to me like thyroid problems are somewhat common postpartum so I wouldn't worry yet. I don't think it will affect your wanting to have another baby. The most important thing is to get it under control. And yes the anxiety is probably related too. I would suspect the iodine also. My sister once was taking so kind of diet pill from GNC and it caused her thyroid to do all kinds of crazy things. Just make sure that you are up front with the Dr about nursing your baby and wanting to have others. I also got two second opinions. One from the OB and the other from my primary care dr since I knew I wasn't done with babies. That's why I chose to medicate instead if radiation therapy.


Zeke - September 30

I wanted to add something about the uptake scan. If its like the one that I took you won't be able to nurse the baby for a few days. Originally the dr told me it would be 5 days of pump and dump. I took the name of the drug and the amount they gave me and called the lactation consultant - she looked it up and said that I really only needed to pump and dump for 36 hrs. I think it depends what kind of Iodine they give you. Sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I'll keep you in my thoughts that the uptake scan goes well and you can carry on nursing your baby as planned. If you get a chance let me know how it goes, and as I said before, don't worry about it being cancer unless the dr says it.


stefkay - September 30

Thanks Zeke, I'll keep you posted as to how it goes. I will definitely stress how much I want to bf. I am going to see an endocrinologist. My primary care dr. is nice but she couldn't answer many of my questions so I doubt she'll be much help. I don't know if my ob will tell me anything either. I'll just see how it goes. I'm feeling better overall since it's ben about 5 days off the iodine supplements now. It might be in my head but I really wonder how much those contributed to this. Mostly now I'm sweaty and hot all the time even with the cooler weather. I used to be cold all the time.


fefer1 - October 1

When I was pregnant I had the same issue - sweaty, hot, heart racing and dizzy - it came and went but the dr said it was either my blood sugar or maybe low iron. Now I'm 3 1/2 months postpartum and I still on occasion have an issue. I a__sumed it was blood sugar - not eating enough protein and carbs together. Maybe I'll have my thyroid checked just in case.



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