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Jamie - November 17

My husband told me today that he's thinking about filing for divorce. This is completely out of the blue for me...we've had problems in the past, but I thought we had worked through them. I asked him why, and what he said all makes sense...I feel like I've been totally horrible to him without even knowing it; now I don't know what to do. I just can't stop crying about it, because I'm scared it's too late to fix. I wish he had told me he was unhappy sooner, before it got to this point. I don't know what to do.


Sonya - November 17

Oh Jamie I feel for you. Have you asked him to go to counseling with you. At least he is only thinking of filing and hasn't already done it. Try to keep the lines of communication open. Good Luck.


Ranya - November 17

Jamie be strong, if there's still love and your realize that you have wronged him and are willing to change the things he is upset about, then sure there's hope! Definitely seek counseling as Sonya suggested, it's never too late! Good luck and we're here for you xox


Kerry - November 17

Jamie hang in there if what he said to you makes sense try and fix it anyway you can try anything it sounds as if you love him very much and the first step is talking so good luck big hug for you XOXO


d - November 17

Don't give up. Its nice that he told you about his point of view of things, something that he should have communicated a long time age than to explode. Its never too late to work on things. He should give you another chance rather than just walk away. Sometimes couples can't solve things on their own and need a third party a friend to hear both sides and give an honest objective oppinion. I'd seek a proffesional- a marriage counsellor who can advise on complicated issues that everyday normal couples and friends may not be able to a___lyze and bring solutiuons. If you seek help it shows how much you care and want to save your marriage than having a cop out method and just walk away. Its simple, Like Dr. Phill said on T.V. Either you decide to work things out or you just walk away. Many couples marry and find out if they had to do it all over again they would never get married. But now they are married and it sounds like a good idea to at least try to think of it this way---that they've come all this way so why not decide to at least try to put some effort at try to make things work out. I wish you all the best for your relationship and your child to see the parents together.


Katie - November 19

My husband and I had some serious problems after my son was born. I really thought about leaving him. We started talking things out and it is getting much better. We both know that we want our son to grow up with both of his parents. I hope that maybe you could get some counseling. Talking really does help. Good luck.


sam - November 19

i'm really sorry that this happened to you jamie, but you know, the strong relationships out there can always be fixed. he really sounds like a noncommunicator (typical to man) to me...are you guys thinking about counseling, talking things out with a nonbiased professional? it really helped my parents when i was younger and they have been married for 31 years...it just really sucks that men tend to hold things in and are sometimes afraid to show their true feelings, it would be so much easier for everyone involved. good luck with your relationship and cry as much as you need to (it's good for you). we are all here for you if you need to talk.


Karen - November 19

Been there done that. Went through the same thing 5 years ago. Ex husband one day decided he was not happy anymore and left. If it is any consoliation I am 100 % happier now and have two wonderful men in my life I cant do without my bf and my baby. Dont worry it gets better hang in there ! :/


d - November 19

Hi Jamie! How are you? I wanted to know if your doing o.k. and if you've tried talking to your husband about it again. How are things between you two any better? I was also thinking that sometimes a partner may feel wierd going for counselling. He might think and say I don't have a problem you have one, you go. So before he says anything like that, go seek help and start to get advice on how to approach him etc... Just an idea I had.



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