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EricaG - February 5

Heather, I know you've been having problems with toddle m____eion and I found this. W W W DOT med.umich.edu/1libr/pa/pa_bmasturb_hhg.htm I know you mentioned that you took her pacifier away and it actually mentions that in here "Some children m____ee frequently because they are unhappy about something, such as having their pacifier taken away. Others are reacting to punishment or pressure to stop m____eion completely. " I hope this helps you. I don't know if I've seen you on here in a while but I'll try to keep bumping this up until you see it.


Lisastar9 - February 5

Erica I sent her a email about your post. I copied all of it.


ash2 - February 5

Is this for real ??


HEATHER - February 6

Thanks a lot Erica for thinking about me! and ash2, I made a post about it a week or so ago, my dd started grinding in her highchair and carseat, and stroller at 9 months old and actually I am so happy to say that I turned her carseat around a few weeks ago and when she would stop, I started telling her to stop and actually yesterday we went a whole 45 min ride and she didnt attempt to grind not even once! She is slowly getting better, I think it was a behavior she did cause she was board and it just soothed her, but now I try to keep toys handy, and she actually just likes chilling and watching out the window. On days where she is tired I have to "remind" her not to do it, but then I play her music and she gets involved in that. I havent gone to your thread yet, im gonna go do that now. Thanks again.


HEATHER - February 6

oops, I ment to write "and when she would start" not stop...


HEATHER - February 6

I just read it, thankfully she has never reached down there with her hands, not even during a diaper change.


EricaG - February 6

Thanks for helping Lisastart9 :o) Heather, I'm glad that distracting her has helped and that you're doing much better. It was the oddest thing, I was googling "average time when babies sit up" and I came across it and thought of you.



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