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Chelsey - December 5

Hi there! I was going to post on the other thread, but it seems to have been hijacked! Thought you'd find this easier!... Munchkins are good! Growing so fast! Hailey will be 4 on the 30th and Gabriel is 4 1/2 mos. already! I cant believe that Aja is 8 mos. already! Crazy! What is your piczo site, again? I forgot! Not sure if you've seen new pictures of my brats... www.my2angels.piczo.com. I'm just about to set up my Christmas tree, and will take some more "festive" pictures of the kids today sometime, and post them eventually! Are you all ready for Christmas? Aja going to be spoiled with lottsa toys and stuff?!!!!


Narcissus - December 5

Hey Woman! Christmas?? What is that?! I seem to have married the grinch's brother. We have not done diddly for Christmas since we met, and b4 that I was engaged to a Jewish Iranian.... Christmas left me long ago. I gave DH a talking to and we plan to celebrate next year. You know, the non-Christian, superficial way... presents, stockings, and some holiday drunkeness, maybe a mistletoe hanging over our bed. TMI?? Sorry:) I will check out your cutie pies in a few, once I get Aja settled. He is screaming at me to take him out of his exersaucer prison. He likes to play with it from the outside. I guess he is growing up. -- How are your "brats" doing? Are they sitting next to the CM tree every waking minute of the day? That's what I used to do. I woke up everyday thinking that Santa may have come early pecially for me. --- www.ajaesp.piczo.com


chelsey - December 5

You're married to the Grinches brother? Well then we must be related, b/c my husband IS the Grinch!! He gets the most sourest look on his face at the mention of Christmas, presents or holiday cards! I haven't got the tree set up yet, its still sitting in the middle of the floor waiting to be taken out of the box! Hailey's upstairs yelling, "Let's get the Christmas tree started!" Last night she dressed herself up with the decorations and pretended to be the tree! Guess she's excited! I could go through the whole Christmas season not worrying about presents and suppers and such, if I didn't have kids! But I couldn't go without drunkeness! 'Tis the season to be jolly, right? I'll check out Aja's pics. in a bit, the drill sargeant is on my a** to get that tree up! My brother and I used to wake up at 4 in the morning waiting to open presents on Christmas day! We'd sit and stare at the tree until mom and dad got up... I'm starting my own tradition.....locking the kids bedroom doors until I"M ready to get out of bed!


to Narcissus - December 6

Jewish Iranian... never heard of that mix?


Narcissus - December 6

Yes, they are a rare breed. He escaped persecution in Iran as a child and moved to the US, where he could bully everyone in sight. Man, I spent 5 years with him... hard to believe that I almost did not have the life I have today.


to Narc- - December 6

so you're a spotted 57 eh ? you should change your name to cleo


Narcissus - December 6

babydoll, just bury the hatchett:)



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