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Felisha - January 25

hey there my question is about your baby that slept through at 5 wksbecause you formula fed. I am formula feeding and she is 6wks 3 days old. she eats about 3-4 oz every 3 hrs and somtimes she goes to 5 oz. is that about what your lo was eating when he/she slept through the night our was it more. i am jsut curious because her dh is switching back to a day shift job and i will be having to go back to work soon and was hoping she would sleep more during the night so we could both get more sleep. what kind of evening routine would you recommend for the evening time to help her sleep better at night because at this point she is up every three hours to eat if not sooner. Thanks


vonzo - January 25

Hi, i know im not hello but thought i could maybe help (sorry if my input isn't wanted). My dd is formula fed and started sleeping through at around 8weeks. At 5weeks i was feeding about 3-4oz every 3 hrs too. Every baby is different, some don't sleep through until 8 months or so. But you could start setting a routine now so she knows what happens when. The routine we have with our dd is bath between 7 and 8, then bottle with only a dim light on then bed. Not that many 5wk olds will sleep through the night, and if they do then you're a very lucky mummy! :o) Keep a routine with her and hopefully as she gets a few weeks older she'll get used to it and start sleeping more. Hope i've been some help!


vonzo - January 25

OH also, have you tried swaddling her? That worked wonders for my dd and she slept much longer when we began swaddling her.


Emily - January 25

Hi, not hello, but thought I could offer some info if you would like, if not skip and go one, but here goes. My dd was not formula fed, but b___stfed and she has slpet through the nigth from about 6-7 weeks. I do not know if formula or b___st has anything to do with it but I have read that some swear formula fed babies sleep better cause the formula take longer to digest and stays with them longer. anyway I swear the reason my girls sleep so good is the routine. It even cuts down on the witching hour as some call it- for most babies it is early evening about 5ish ot 6ish and it is when they fuss and cry for no reason. YUou just can't get anything done for them fussing....well That is when we starte our routine.....I bather her, yes every night, even though you dont have to and they say not to int he winter for dry skin, but it is pat of her routine and it would really mess her up if we didn't. This is the main part of our routine....if she doesn't get it, she will not sleep. It is so important that if we have to be gone durring bath time, we take the suplys with us to friends and family houses or give a bath before we leave if we go out to eat or to a basketball game or some other school funtion of my sisiters......anyway so bath, lotion (even though we bath every night, her skin is still not too dry casue the lotion always comes next ) one to try is johnson and johnson bed time lavander lotion (they also make a bed time bath rinse...) then I nurse her and then we play for a while with her big sister. When she starts to get tired, she rubs her eyes....and I take her upt o her room where it is dark and quite. We rock and if she needs fed again I will feed her....which I think she does just cause she likes to nurse herslef to sleep) then I put her down still awake and she goes right down. of course the first couple opf times I had to let her fuss awhile. I am not a fan of crying it out jsut cause I can't take it, no other reason, but I can force myslef to let her fuss for a while as long as it isn't full crying. on nights she nurses herslef to sleep, I change her or bup her good, to kineda stir her and then put her down.....I did regularly nurse her to sleep when she was younger like under four months. she is now 7 months and still sleeps really well (she has her days but for the most part sleeps all night) Anyway I beleive the routine is key. Develop one and it will help. with my oldest we used this routine and she did really well so when we hjad another we used it ans started it at a ounger age ad she has done even better. I do sugest while I call it a routine stay flexible and take cues form your baby, like don't stick to times but the sequence of events. if your gils wants to start early, then go for it, if she is content to sit for a while longer one night, def go for it. good luckkk



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