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New Mommy - October 23

I have a few questions: (1) My baby will only sleep if she is in bed with us - how can I wean her from this? She is 3 weeks old. (2) She is only calm when being held against my chest (or her dads) and fusses like crazy if she is put down - what can I do? (3) I am br___tfeeding and she will eat and then want more sometimes 30 minutes or an hour after she eats - am I not producing enough milk? She is gaining weight and dirtying plenty of diapers each day...I am getting desperate!


Eryn - October 23

My 6 week old does the same thing (if you put her down she starts crying and fussing) One thing I do is wait until she is in a deep sleep which usually takes about 10 minutes then I put her down. We rolled up two receiving blankets and put them on her sides so she thinks she is being held still. Hope this helps.


BBK ® © - October 24

First don't worry about any of the above. A baby that young can feel anxiety if you put her loose on a big crib. Try putting her to sleep on your chest like you do, then when she's deep asleep, swaddle her (miracle blanket works well) and put her on her crib. If she wakes up, hold her again (swaddled) till she falls asleep and repeat. Eventually she'll sleep. If she's gaining weight don't worry about feeding. Things will become more stable in the next two to three weeks.


Barb - October 24

You're not baby does the same thing....she just started going about 3 hr. stretches at night which is great. I thought I was running out of milk bc she would suck me dry...LOL...every 30 minutes or so she wants to eat...but as long as the diapers are being filled and she's gaining weight, then she'll grow out of it just fine :) I'm patiently waiting too!


k - October 24

the reason she is eating so often is b/c your b___st is right there. just like when I bake cookies - I'm not hungry, but I keep eating them :-)


Karen - October 26

My little boy is 8.5 weeks now and I still have the above issues. Once he is alseep I keep him on me another 15 -20 mins to make sure he is sound. When he fusses I have started to leave him alone to see if he can calm hisself back to sleep of not back on my chest or on my b___st for comfort. My friend told me not to worry at this stage cause they require a lot of comfort and love. Remember they have been in us for 9 months and its all new for them. I comfort and enjoy the time when I can cause when they get bigger they are going to be independant and not need mommy any more. My little boy will not sleep in his crib or anywhere but in our bed with us. We sleep on the sides and give him the middle. This morning he fell alseep on my b___st holding my bra. I had to wait a few mins until he was fast alseep to take him off. 10 mins after he was down he was up again, and it was all over again. I know it can be fustrating and desprate. This morning I had to put him down and just scream (NOT AT HIM) and pull my hair. Sanity came back I picked him up and put him back to sleep. My advise sleep when she sleeps or at least rest. It gets better


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 26

My 2 month old is the same way. He is colicky and just requires a lot of holding and cuddling. He will only sleep with me at night. But I have come to love having my cuddly little chunkeroo next to me at night. He too has to always heep a hand on me and it is so cute. I figure as long as we get some sleep I am willing to ride this out. One day he will not want his mommy anymore and I will be sad. Hopefully I will get him in his own bed eventually but he is so young still. There is plenty of time for that.



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