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Deirdra - March 7

My ds is just about 5 months and i put him to bed at 7 and he seemed a little congested but i didnt hink much of his crib it tilted up anyways...but so yea its 11:00 and he woke up SCREAMING! and chocking like he couldnt breathe...i tired his nebulizer and it kindof helped but didnt he sounds so unconfortable...hes already had RSV i dont want it agian...i called the dr on call and the said i could use little noses decongetint gonna try it any other suggestions and i dont have a hymidfier...and sorry typos im FREAKING i dont want rsv agian i just want to help him until 8 tomarrow when i can take him to be seen


sahmof3 - March 7

If you can get a pan and fill it with really hot water and put it in ds's room that should help put some moisture in to the air from the steam coming off of it. Poor baby... I hope he's better tomorrow a.m.!!


Deirdra - March 7

he is so ceongested he cant even suck on his binky the poor baby....hes so miserable and im devastated...


mosley12 - March 7

do you have one of those little vapor things you just plug into the wall? we used one of those when my son was really congested and it seemed to help..or try sitting in the bathroom with him and turn the shower on REALLY hott and let the steam help him ..i hope he's ok!


Kara H. - March 7

If you are up anyway, put on a pot of water on the stove and let it boil away on a high setting. If you have an Vicks vapo rub put just a little bit (tsp maybe) in the boiling water. Take you baby in the kitchen so he can breath in the vicks steam. This always sooths Max and helps him breath. Just don't get him too close to the pot that he may get burned if the boiling water splashes out. When your windows steam up, the air is good and moist. Just be sure you don't accidentally leave the pot on and go to sleep!


BriannasMummy - March 8

Hopefully he has been seen by this point. I hope everything turned out okay. Just for future reference.. u can always take him in the bathroom, close the door and turn on a hot shower. The steam can work wonders. ~Kristin~


Deirdra - March 8

Well to update...he has brochitis...agian! he is 5 months old and this is the third time! i just dont know! hes on Zynthromax and his nebulizer...


tryingx3 - March 8

Vicks makes an sauve for BABIES...I'm not sure where to find it...I think I bought mine at Wal-mart...for babies 3mo and older.


LisaB - March 8

Is he around smokers?? Have they checked him for asthma? I dont even know if theres a test for it but it sounds like his poor lungs are working overtime.Poor baby. They Baby Vicks does work awsome- I would also invest in a humidifer well worth it as its been our lifesaver atime or two. I hope hes feeling better soon. :(



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