HELP 5 Month Old Spoiled What To Do

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big118girl - February 18

My son will be 5 months on the 22nd. He seems so spoiled. If I put him down, he watches my every move and the second I leave the room, he cries or if someone else holds him. His eyes are on me. People say dont let a baby this young to cry it out. Should I let him cry it out. I feel so horrible letting him cry or should I keep piccking him up and comforting him. I just like to have a break sometimes too. Also, when I need a babysitter, I want him to go to other people. Any input will help. THANKS!


Zacks Mom - February 18

My son is 5 months. He cries out too when I leave him alone for a few seconds. But that only happens sometimes when he had his moods. At 2 months I will take him to my husband's and my office to meet people. When we go out anywhere and when strangers stopped to take a look at him, I will turn him facing the person. We also go to church where he will be swept away from one women to another.. of course I'm always nearby. So overall he is used to people. When leaving him alone, I would let him cry out for awhile, but I will call him and let him know I'm still around.


sj - February 18

There is no such thing as a spoiled child under the age of 6mos:) My baby is 5 mos and does the same thing....they will eventually get over it.. But don't let it stop u from getting things done... You'll have to let him cry sometimes it part of them growing...


Erin - February 18

My daughter is almost 6 months, and does the same thing. Babies around this age go through a seperation anxiety phase. It's a natural thing. Be glad that your baby wants you....soon enough they'll be walking away saying :bye mom! I will get better.


nikinoo! - February 18

Ok I have a different delemma! The whole "let em cry for a while" doesnt work for me! If I let Lachlan (7 and a half weeks old) cry for less then 5 minutes he holds his breath and coughs like crazy, I then pick him up and he settles right down! do you woman have any advice on how to let him cry without holding his breath? will it hurt him?


Kimmy - February 18

I personally think 7 and a half weeks is a little young to be letting him try to "cry it out" ... they still need to be very rea__sured at that age.


To Kimmy - February 18

Is 5 months too young for the "cry it out"?


Kimmy - February 18

Lol ... I'm no expert that was just my personal opinion. Nikinoo might have the right idea, and i could be wrong, so I dont want to say wether 5 months is too young or not, i really dont know :s My little guy is 15 weeks and i can kinda tell the differnece between a real cry and his little fake whiny ones ... so i tend to let him whine for quite a while but if he starts getting really p/o'd than i tend to him right away ... seems to be working for me so far. Anyway good luck girls :)


Kimmy - February 18

Maybe i say 71/2 weeks is too young because Justin (my son) was born a month premature and at that age he was still sooo small and fragile ... i duno. Just had to add that thought :)


tina - February 20

Its normal for him to cry when you leave the room. He is developing his personality and letting you know that you are the center of his world. My 5 month old does the same thing with me and the puppy.


pbj - February 20

The reason babies cry when you leave the room is because they have not yet learned permanace. Meaning that they do not yet understand that just because they can't see doesn't mean you're never coming back. Eventually they will understand, " I can't see mama, but she's still here". If I walk out of the room I continue talking to rea__sure my dd that she can't see me, but I'm here. It doesn't always work, but I'm sure hearing my voice is somewhat comforting. So, he's not spoiled, he just needs rea__surance. You cannot spoil an infant...they only know what they need...they do not know how to manipulate.


JB - February 20

I do think 5 & 6 month old babies can be spoiled. Maybe your holding him/her too much. Try putting your 5 & 6 month old babies down on the floor with some toys. My son plays on the floor all the time and he never cries when I leave the room.


big118girl - February 20

Thanks for the input. I have been trying to hold my son less, but I still hold him a bit. He gets bored easy. Thanks again.


Jamie - February 20

Instead of holding him or not holding him, try sitting down on the floor and playing with him. I spend most of my days on my daughter's playmat with her. When I do have to leave the room, I continue talking to her; she's going through very minor separation anxiety, in that she will whine for a minute when I leave, but then she's fine. She's 6 months.


nonomo1979 - June 15

My five month old seems very spoiled. I am nursing for the first time, I didn't do this with my other children which are all teens now. I can't seem to get my baby to entertain himself. If I put him down he cries, if I put him in his swing or saucer he cries, he wont do tummy time very long without me picking him up, I cant even take him to the store without him wanting me to carry him shortly arriving. What can I do to get a break here and there, because I won't let him cry it out



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