Help 7 Week Old Has A Cold

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KLC - May 16

My ds is just 7 weeks old and he has a terrible cold. He started coming down with it yesterday. I called the ped and he said not to give him anything unless he develops a fever just to keep suctioning out his nose. But my poor little baby is just miserable. I was wondering if any of you had gone through anything similar and what you did to help your little one. I feel so bad for him.


Nicole1 - May 16

My baby is 3 weeks old when his cousin came over and gave him a stuffy nose. My ped told me to use Saline drops with the suction...I also bought the vicks vapor rub and put it on my chest so when he was nursing he could breath it in. I didn't put Dr. said it was a great idea. It is very sad when they can't breath...good luck we are going on 6 days now.


Angie in MI - May 16

Use a cool mist vaporizer


Rabbits07 - May 16

The vaporizer and saline are both good ideas. If you suction try to use one of the nasal aspirators that has the little plastic cap on the keeps it from going too far up the nose and irritating the nasal pa__sages. The longer aspirators can actually cause bleeding which will totally cause you to freak (been there done that).


ralhun - May 18

My babe has had a couple of colds, one and 5 weeks and one at 13 weeks. We used saline solution for his nose. But we also put him in the bathroom with us when we were having a shower. The steam is a good nateral way of helping them breath. Also we made sure his moses basket was elevated slighty at one end to make him more comfortable.


TinaMarie - May 18

Awww poor baby! I really have no other advice other than what was offered with saline drops and the vaporizer. It is so sad to see them feeling icky. Angelina just had her first cold, she is 6 months. I was heart broken, she was just stuffy and miserable. I really hope you little sweetheart is feeling better. Mine was back to normal in about 5 days.


lynnstress - May 18

When my son had his first cold, we used a crib wedge to elevate him while he slept. I think it worked pretty well, but beware - my little guy slid down to the bottom of the wedge and ended up sideways in the crib some days!



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