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chicksy - February 23

I had my baby 2 weeks ago and was br___tfeeding him exclusivly. But my br___t hurt soo much that i decided to pump exclusivly. My br___t were engorged for like 3 days so I was able to get alot of milk out, like 8 ounces on each all of a sudden my br___t are soft and i can only get 1 onuce from each br___t. Why is this?


LollyM - February 23

hmm... the only thing i can think of is that because pumping is less effective than the baby's sucking maybe your supply went down? How often are you pumping? If lo is 2 weeks, you should be pumping every 2 hours in the day, and every 3 at night to maintain your supply. Call your ob If you are really worried about your supply. good luck!


Lala - February 23

Yes, Lolly is right. Even though the pump is so strong, somehow your body just "knows" it's not the baby. You cannot usually keep your milk supply good without nursing the baby. Did you know that with a proper latch, nursing should hurt? It's true! ds in a month old, and we are just now getting the latch just right every time so that my nipples don't get sore. If he doesn't latch right, and it hurts, I have to break the latch and try again. And, yes, to keep your milk supply up you do have to pump or nurse every 2-4 hours day and night. Also, plenty of calories and LOTS of water are needed to make milk. Take care!


foxhoundsrgr8 - February 23

Stick with it, the pain with lessen with time, even though it might seem unbearable right now..No matter how much it hurts, you shouldn't really pump more than once or twice a day if you want to keep your supply up - you have to let the baby do the work. I feel for you, I have been through the same thing myself, at times while my son nursed I was crying from pain, but 8.5 months down the line, we are still going strong and I have to say it was all worth it! (He was all worth it!) Good luck to you!


Jennifer28 - February 23

I noticed the same thing last week. DD is 12 wks old and was exclusively bf until I went back to work. Now I pump twice a day at work and bf as soon as I get home. Anyway, last week I noticed I was barely getting anything while pumping. It sucks b/c my supply at home has taken a major hit. I am going to have to start pumping like crazy this weekend to get caught up for next week b/c I want to bf as long as possible. It is harder to pump when your b___sts aren't full but don't give up. This week my bbs let me know when it is time to pump/feed her again. ;)


Pea Pod - February 23

I've been pumping exclusively since the second day because even with a correct latch it hurt like crazy and this way dh can feed her and its just whats working out well for us. Anyway, I've heard from several people that your milk can dry up from pumping because there isn't that emotional/mental thing going on with having the baby suckle, but I've been doing just fine producing milk. Dd is only 5 weeks old, so hopefully it will continue. I've wondered if it is because my body never got used to the real thing so it doesn't know any better...? How long did you try b___stfeeding?


Jennifer123 - February 23

For those of you in pain the first few weeks have you tried nipple shields? We used them for the first month and they really helped w/ the pain. People say it shouldn't hurt but I know we had a good latch and it just hurts. It gets better though! Now at the 2 month mark we are w/out the shields and there is no pain whatsoever. Also use the lanolin on your nipples and it will help!!!!


Jennifer28 - February 23

I tried a lot of different creams, lotions, etc. for sore nipples and discovered the BEST cure was to rub some of the left over b___st milk on them. It has worked like a charm.


chicksy - February 23

Thanks everyone. I b___stfed him for 1 week and couldnt take the pain anymore so started pumping the second week. My nipples dont hurt anymore so i decided to try and b___stfeed him again today but apparantly he forgot how to latch on ARRHHHH! I will keep working on it though because i dont want o use formula. I guess its normal to get 2-3 ounces per pumping session. I started pumpming every two hours now and its going much better. Thanks again...


Lchan - February 23

My son is 10 months and I've been pumping for 7 months. I've noticed my milk production goes down when I'm sick, stressed, dieting, or really tired. When this happens my lactation consultant suggested that I continue to pump each b___st for about 6-8 minutes after its completely empty and milk production will return. It usually takes about 2-3 days but its been succesful. My son currently consumes 20 ounces or pumped milk everyday but sometimes I find it necessary to pump more than I need for the following day so that I don't lose production. I simply freeze this extra milk and thaw for a day when my production isn't as high.



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