HELP Diaper Rash

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pueppschen - November 14

hi ladies, need some urgent help. went to the dr on 31st oct, and she identified some diaper rash, since then the rash has not gone, it has been 2 weeks almost. i have been airing her butt. i dont think she is in pain (itching neither). pls give me some suggestions, i am going crazy.


katiepoole - November 14

I know I've posted this before and this may sound crazy but our ped recommends that we use Crisco as a diaper cream. The kind that's in the can that's creamy. She said she has not had one baby to have a diaper rash who uses it correctly. The key is clean the area, then dry it with a tissue really really good....then put the crisco on. It worked for my friend and her dtr is one now and it's worked for us my dtr is getting ready to turn 5 months old. She said that the diaper creams that are "designed" to be diaper creams break down VERY fast which defeats the purpose of using some people will use vaseline instead. She said vaseline is better than the regular diaper creams but that it still breaks down where the crisco will last a lot longer than the vaseline. It will not hurt the baby (some people have aske me about it going into the body but it doesn't--I guess thinking along the lines of cooking but it doesn't.) Also she recommended this to put on her cheeks for this winter.


Kara H. - November 14

Its probaby a yeasy rash. Get some antifungal cream and put it on 3x a day. You should see marked improvement in 24 hours


Prego1 - November 14

My dd had a very bad diaper rash a month ago. I tried everything I know until finally I used a combi of Lotrimin, Neosporin and Desitin together 3-4 times a day and it cleared up in 2 days! Apparently she had a yeast diaper rash. You can also buy this combo at the pharmacy but they will charge you a lot for it. Also it helps to use a hair dryer on low setting to dry your LO's bottom. Instead of Lotrimin, u can also use Monistat.


friendtilthend - November 16

My son had the same problem when he was about 6 weeks. The only thing that worked for him was a cream called B___t Paste I got it at walmart. It was gone in a day. He had had it for about 2 weeks too


kelly82 - November 20

the best stuff for diaper rash is called Boudreaux's B___t Paste... you can find it at target and walmart and i'm sure its online somewhere... works wonders


MNMOM - November 20

b___t paste is good, it stays on like crisco


madison - November 20

i heard the b___t paste is good, my dd had bad diaper rash last week and we used dr.smith'sdiaper cream and it always works great! it was gone in 1-2 days.


Atira36 - November 21

You have to try triple paste cream- it's amazing! It's the only thing that worked for my lo. Good luck!


NatashaV - December 3

Ihle's paste is good, but the only thing that worked for my dd was doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory helped within 24 hours!


wailing - December 3

Be careful w/ the B___t Paste b/c it does stain. It does work well, but I combined it w/ the Aquaphor which I love. It creates a great barrier and protects and moistrizes their skin really well. It maybe a yeast infection in which case u could try the lotrimin or even the stuff that women use. But, I would ask ur pedi first.


preggoplease - December 3

I bet its a yeast infection. My daughter had that and I did everything possible and nothing was working except for neosporin. Then I went to the doctor and they gave her prescription cream for the future.



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