Help Anyone See Thier LO Doing This

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mommyke - February 28

My son keeps shaking his head back an forth like he is saying NO. At first he did this when he was lying on his back and almost asleep (I just thought maybe he liked the feeling on his head). But today, he started doing it while awake - a couple times I have seen him do it. Do you think there is something wrong with him? Should I take him to the ped?


piratesmermaid - February 28

How old? Gretchen was doing this a few weeks ago for a couple days then stopped. I thought it was an ear infection, which is a possiblity if he has a fever, or it could be a bit of entertainment for'em. As far as doing that at night, Gretchen's did that since birth up until just recently. In fact she had a bald spot on the back of her head from doing that in her sleep and the hair is just starting to grow back and she's 7 1/2 months old.


SuzieQ - February 28

Two of the babies in my mommy cla__s do this - so far their docs have told them that this is normal.


Danielle19 - February 28

my son did that for like 2 months, he usually did it when he was falling asleep, but now he likes to bang his head back and forth on the highchair, or the floor my doc said its normal


mommyke - February 28

oh thank god... he is 5 months. I just hoped it wasn't anything serious neurologically...Thank You!


jb - February 28

My dd still does this at a year old. She doesn't do it all the time, but when she does, we always do it back to her. I think it is hilarious!


AshleyB - February 28

My ds is 12wks and does this alot lately


3babies - March 1

Abbey has been doing this for the past week, my first thought was ear infection, but I dont think so. Especially now she has 2 older brothers laughing every time she does it! We only just got rid of her bald spot too! She used to do it falling asleep (about 4 1/2) months then stopped, she's 7 1/2 months now, and does it sitting up, crawling etc. Pretty funny though!


LollyM - March 1

My lo did this too when she was 5 months old. She did it allot when she was nursing which was kind of frustrating, but she out grew it in a couple of weeks.



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