Help Baby With Atopic Dermatitis Eczema Which Formula

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andrea21 - February 12

Can someone please help me! My son is almost 4 months old and has been drinking enfamil lipil with iron for about 2.5 months now. There are rashes spreading all over is body now - first it was just his cheeks whereas his doctor said it was just neonatal acne that it would go away on its own, but it just kept getting worse - then he started getting cradle cap after I started putting lotion on his head(per her advice), then she said it was seborrheic to use hydrocortisone, then his cheeks started getting crusty, really red and was leaking fluid whereas I went to the ER and the Er doctor just said to rub aquaphor on his cheeks and use selsun blue on his head which is not working, so I went back to his ped doctor now she is saying its atopic dermat_tis! and prescribed him a steriod for his cheeks and the 3 little rashes on his tummy - which still isnt really working and now this morning upon examing him - there are more spots on his tummy, alot on his back, on both his elbows, on his hands/fist, on his thighs, on the underside of his knees, behind and under his neck apart from his cheeks! I feel so horrible that he is in pain - he keeps scratching himself. My MIL says that it could be a milk allergy to switch his milk, I called the enfamil company and explained the problem and that woman also said that his rash could be due to an allergy from the formula to switch to soy or hypoallergenic- but his doctor never once said anything about a milk allergy! So my question is, those of you that have babies that have a milk allergy/atopic dermat_tis/eczema which formula do you use? Thank you in advance for your advice!


excited2bemama - February 12

friend of mine's son has a milk allergy and she breasatfed for 6 months and now is using Similac soy formula.


olivia - February 12

I would try Nutramigen or Alimentum before trying anything soy based. Maybe your doctor could give you a sample to get you started so you don't have to pay for it before you know if it helps. If that doesn't help there are other even more broken down formulas. The only problem with these is that they don't taste good and the stuff really stinks (both going in and coming out). But when they work it is a real help. My son had hives before and after weening and I do have to say nothing has helped, but we used Nutramigen for a while just before he turned 1. Most milk allergies show with stomach symptoms, but go with your gut and definitely try a different formula to see if it helps! I think even though his hives never cleared up, they were a little better and we at least felt like we were doing something! Other than that we bathed him very infrequently and would just pat him dry. His doctor said to stick with aquaphor and nothing else. I hope your little one gets some relief!


Prego1 - February 13

You can get a blood test for your LO to be sure. My DD drinks Alimentum, it's very expensive but before when she was on regular formula she has mucusy and bloody stools. That's one sign of milk allergy and/or intolerance. Also vomitting can also be a sign. I remember she had rashes too w. the Enfamil lipil. BTW most babies w. milk allergy and/or intolerance are also sensitive to soy. My DD is like that. I make sure she gets only soy and milk free rice cereal, per her pediatric GI's recommendation. Hope your LO feels better.


andrea21 - February 16

Thank you everyone for your responce. My son has been on the alimentum for 5 days now and since switching formula his bowel movement has changed from soft firm pasty green/yellow to watery dark green - almost black with pieces of lumps/mucus? in it and smells worse than it did before switching - is this normal with taking the hypoallergenic formula?


krc - February 16

Do you mix the formula with regular milk? It sounds to me that youor baby is having bad reactions to the formula. Putting creams and ointments on your babys skin may help soothe the discomfort, but to get to what is causing the rash, you need to keep switching formulas until you see an improvement. Also, I would stay away from cow's milk to see if that makes any difference as well. Inspite of popular belief, cow's milk is proven to be the culprit of many reactions and allergies in our babies. I hope you can figure out whats causing your lo's misery, keep trying and keep an open mind, don't listen to one doctor only and don't be afraid to try new things! Good luck to you!!


name - February 17

I've been using prescription Cultivate on both my kids and it's helped a lot



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