HELP Conflicting Advice From Same Dtr Office

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austinsmom - May 2

when I took austin to doctor for his 4 month check up and spoke to nurse in person I told her I wanted to switch formulas from good start to the wall mart brand parents choice due to money issues.....she said do this gradualy ....I said so in a 6 oz bottle put two scoops of goodstart to one scoop of parents choice and slowly overtake the good start......the nurse said this was the way to do it.......well I started this on saturday and austin has not had a bowel movement since friday and today is tuesday!!!! so today I called the same doctors office and spoke to a nurse ( guess it was not the same one) and she said noooo do not mix formulas that it was upsetting to babys stomach that if I was gonna switch just switch and about the poo situation to give him water.......2 oz first and then 4 oz of formula after the water.....Needless to say I am a bit confused about the proper way to switch formulas and I don't guess water can hurt him but I have not been told to give him water before so to me that is a little strange.......anyone here can help me with this....I would greatly appreciate it!!!!


HannahBaby - May 2

every nurse, like every person, is different and has different ways of doing things, I switched my daughter from enfamil to good start because my daughter was ga__sy and my dr told me to sub. one bottle of old with new on the first 2 days, then 2 bottles the 3rd&4th days and so on until all bottles were good start. It worked for me. Good luck


pbj - May 2

I just totally switched from enfamil lipil to enfamil gentlease. I would think combining formulas wouldn't necessarily work. I would try what the second nurse or HannahBaby suggested.


momma - May 2

I don't come here much, but when I switched my daughter to Parants choice, I did one bottle of the old then a bottle of the new and gruadually incresed the new brand.


Emy - May 2

When I switched dd's formula (and I did this about 3 times over the course of the last 3 months) I just did it cold turkey. One day I just started the new formula. I know some women who do this. Anyways, she was and has been fine. Now we have stuck to one that she likes (similac).


Bonnie - May 2

When my son was switched off the hypoallergenic formula to the regula cows milk formula by his GI specialist, she had us do it cold turkey. I wouldn't bother with the gradual. No matter what you do, anytime you switch formula it messes with their tummies a bit. It takes about 2 weeks for them to adjust. I would just make the switch cold turkey. If still does not poop by tomorrow, then give him an infant suppository (no fun to give though, lol). They are safe and not addicting. Make sure he goes at least once a day until he has time to adjust to the formula as if he backs up that will make the tummy much worse. Goodluck!


Aussie Beck - May 2

I can't give u any advice about switching formulas - haven't had to. But when I started my dd on formula she got a bit constipated. I just gave her a bit of very diluted juice with water and it worked well without causing any probs!


austinsmom - May 3

just wanted to give an update and thanks for all your responses.......austin did his business yesterday around 4:00 thank goodness!!! It was not hard or anything so I have'nt totally messed his system up (that is great!!) I will do the cold turkey thing I think and see how it goes....for all of those moms paying for good start I will give yall an update after a week of the switch and let yall know how mine does on it ........hey if you can save money but still be doing the best for your baby .......why not?! the way I know it seems like every question I ask is about austins poo......its kinda funny I was talking to my husband and said when we decided to have a baby we never would have thought that so much of our conversation about him would be about the color consistancy and frequency of his't yall go thinking of me as the poo question lady


Bonnie - May 3

LOL you should see the chat on the reflux board I go to. Since reflux is tummy issue we do nothing but dicuss poop. I don't think I can ever look at peanut b___ter the same way again! :D


austinsmom - May 4

oh bonny thats funny .....peanut know it is alright when its got that peanut b___ter look......if the poo doesnt look like peanut b___ter you'd better consult your book.......gosh one day I may be a famous poet and write great stanzas!!!!! lol :-)



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