Help DS Hates His Crib

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vanja10 - March 8

Has any1 been in this boat? he's one week old 2morrow and he will not sleep in his crib! he will sleep on a pillow (supervised) on the couch, on our bed when hubby goes to work, even on my chest. but as soon as he's put in his crib he wakes up and cries. i'm debating on getting a basinet, but i want him to sleep in his crib. my hubby thinks crib is 2 big 4 him! any suggestions are welcome. thanks


jolou - March 8

Have you tried swaddling him? This can make them feel more secure. My son is 8 weeks old, and sleeps in a moses basket (I think this is the same thing as ba__sinet), but is now getting too big for it. We are in the process of getting him used to his cot, and he seems to be taking to it ok, so maybe getting a ba__sinet to get him used to sleeping in his own bed might help?


luviduvi - March 8

You MUST swaddle the baby. Many babies do not like the crib at first. Many, like either being held or in the presence of you b/c of scent. That is most likely why she sleeps on the pillow, your scent is right there. My suggestion is to get a ba__sinet and a sleep wedge. Swaddle your baby but make sure blankies isn't around face and place baby in wedge. Don't worry, you will end up checking on baby at least a thousand times during the night if this is your first. Most babies do not have a "sleep situation" at one week of age. Don't worry, it is not your baby. Most don't put their lo's in a crib for at least six weeks and some even longer.


luviduvi - March 8

sorry meant "he sleeps on pillow" PS--babies sleep when they feel secure. They have been locked up in a tight room for so long that when they get out, they feel uncomfortable. That is why babies like being swaddled, it makes them feel like they are in the womb.


Heather F - March 8

have you put him in a sleep positioner swaddled?


KLT - March 8

My son didn't like being swaddled and doesn't like his crib. He's 5 months on tuesday. He used to start out in his crib but then by 3am he was in my bed. Now he primarily co-sleeps with us. I think some of it is that he gets comfort from being with us, but I won't say thats it completely since I can get him to fall asleep in our bed around 7 or 8pm and leave him there on his own until we go to sleep. I have no concerns about rolling over on him or smothering him and no problem with him co-sleeping with us. Of course I know there will come a time when he needs to move out on his own. We still do try and get him to hang out in his crib, play there at times, and nap there if possible.


vanja10 - March 8

i used to swaddle him and then stopped. i will try that again!.. you can tell this is my first right! :) the other thing that scares me the most is to put him down, i'm so afraid he will choke on his own vomit.. i try to burp him after every feeding, but sometimes he will not burp no matter what i try.. The nurse said he should either burp or fart, but last night when he was sleeping, even tho he burped, he kinda made a choking sound, so i picked him up and he burped again.. so now i'm petrified to leave him sleeping in his crib.. needless to say he slept on my b___st the whole night... i actually managed to get 4 hours of sleep.


jilly01 - March 8

my dd sleeps in a travel crib in our room, was a co-sleeper and now at 1 yes 1 still is in our room in her travel bed. she sleeps good there and is happy. she never likes her crib or room, just wants to be near us!


vanja10 - March 9

wow, you girls are awesome.. I've swaddled him 2nite and he's slept for 2 hours straight, i fed him, and now he's been sleeping for almost an hour.. I'm so used to being awake at this hour, now I CAN'T SLEEP.. haha.. he'll be up soon for a diaper change, just wanted to say thanks.


LollyM - March 9

dd did the same thing when she was that age, so we co-slept for 1.5 months. I think it helped her with the transition from mom to the world. you can try getting a ba__sinet to put next to your bed if you don't want to get into a co-sleeping habit. I can imagine a crib being scary at first. Let him be in the crib in the day when he is awake so he can get used to it though. good luck!


LollyM - March 9

sorry, I didn't see the last post! well, I'm glad you got him sleeping! isn't it great =) I should be sleeping now... dd has been in bed for a while! ah! sorry... soo tired! ok bye =)



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