HELP DS Was Hospitalized And He S Still Vomitting

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BWIND - October 5

Okay this has been ongoing for some time now. DS is almost 8 mos. He has a had a snotty nose, cough, congestion for about 5-6 weeks off and on....Lately he's been vomitting b/c he's coughing so much. He was hospitalized for 2 days this week for dehydration. NOW, he's only eating 2-4 oz. Tonight he drank 2 oz. and puked everywhere. WHY? What is going on with him? I'm afraid he's going to end up back in the hospital. He has an ear infection in both ears. Does that cause vomitting?


wailing - October 5

What did the hospital say it was?? Sounds like it's more then an earache? At this point, b/c he's not keeping anything down, I would make sure he stays hydrated. Usually dr's reccomend Pedialyte.


ImpatientMommy - October 5

I'm so sorry to hear this is going on with your little one! What did the hospital say? Have you called the pediatrician or hospital and told them this is still going on?


TiffanyRae - October 6

I agree with the other should contact your doctor...but also I know in adults, an ear infection or ear problem can cause their equalibrium to be off and this can cause dizziness and make one nauseated. Maybe its the same in little ones...but again call you doc!


javidsgirl - October 6

my daughter is having the same problem she is on meds because it was a infection causing it plz get him looked after


BWIND - October 6

DS is better today. He hasn't thrown up at all and he's been able to drink 4 to 4 1/2 oz of formula and eat solids. Keep my fingers crossed. He has been super fussy. His ears hurt and he's teething. His doctor seems to think that the drainage is making him throw up. He's got a terrible runny nose. He's on zithromax for the ears. He was on amoxicillian and it didn't work. Then in the hospital they have him a shot that was an antibiotic. He had it twice. Is there anything I can do to ease the pain of an ear infection? I tried a warm washcloth and holding it on his ears....didn't work. Thanks for the advice ladies.


DB - October 6

Oh my gosh BWIND, I'm so sorry! My dd vomited HUGE amounts the first time she was sick...I mean it was everywhere. The docs said it is from swallowing so much snot and phlegm, it irritates the tummy. I would just watch him very very closely, watch for signs of dehydration and take him in if anything seems even slightly serious. Or else do you have an appt Monday? Good luck. I hope he gets better quickly!


DB - October 6

Oh, the only thing we did for ear pain was alternate between tylenol and motrin...poor guy, I remember he had his ear infection when Audrey had her first one, that was a while ago... :(


BWIND - October 6

DB....yes, I remember that also....I don't believe his first infection went away...I think it started getting better....then after amoxcillian was ended up getting worse and went into the other ear. He seriously screams and rubs his ears....PLUS, he is cutting his two bottom teeth. Poor guy. I do have a follow up on Tuesday. His doctor said if he has one more ear infection, he's a good canidate for tubes. UGH. He just seems so not himself.....He is so fussy, and is just kinda there like he doesn't feel well. I want my playful baby back. How long did it take for Audrey to start feeling better?


DB - October 7

BWIND-her ear infection returned also about 2 weeks after we finished the amoxicillin. We then moved onto another antibiotic (I forget the name)...I got her ears checked on Monday and while they weren't infected they were still filled with fluid, so the possibility of the infection coming back again is still there. Now, she has another cold, which always seems to make the infections start up again...But, I'd say after her 2nd round of antibiotics she was feeling better within a few days. I hope your little guy gets better!


DB - October 7

BWIND-I think Audrey has ANOTHER ear infection..making this #3. She has a fever of 101.5 and is grabbing at her ear and is extra fussy...will this cycle ever end?!?! How's your ds today?


BWIND - October 8

DB...I just read the FEB messages. I'm so sorry about Audrey. I know how you feel. I'm lucky ds hasn't had a temperature with his. We go on Tuesday to have them looked at again. I have a feeling it is still there b/c he rubs his ears a lot. He went to daycare today. She said he did fine except he's a little clingy...He had a tramatic week last week though. Tonight he has slept all evening. Slept from 6-8pm....up for an hour....but tired and fussy and back to sleep at 9pm. I may be in trouble in the middle of the night. I have a feeling we are heading towards tubes in his ears. That is fine by me...I just want him to get better.


DB - October 9

BWIND-Yes, tubes sound like they may be the answer. Poor things! Her fever was back last night, even with the antibiotics..I had to give more tylenol at 2am...then she was up at 5am, then 6:30am for the day...and yes, clingy...that best describes Audrey right now. I hope she gets a break before the next one :(


BWIND - October 15

DB....hey, dh and I just got back from the bahamas for a 3 day cruise. Well, ds ears have cleared up....but he's still was throwing up. She gave him zantac for reflux...and he hasn't vomitted since the first dose. In fact he is eating like a pig...he's drinking 6-8 oz every feeding. How is your daughter?


Missy - October 18

Hi Girls - Hope you don't mind me b___ting in but it sounds to me like a reflux issue - try a soy formula and the reflux meds and also if you are nursing just try to steer clear of any spicy foods, acidic foods and dairy for the time before nursing. HTH!!!!!


DB - October 18

Wow BWIND!! Audrey had reflux pretty bad til 6 months. She took Zantac 3x per day til 6 months. Was he always a spitter?!?! Good to hear he stopped throwing up! Audrey just finished her antibiotics. We didnt' schedule a follow up since her 9 month appt is on Nov. 2nd, but her nose had yellow snot today so I'm hoping it's not another cold that may lead to another ear infection! Funny, at my cleaning today, my dental hygenist said her son is 6 YEARS old and still has to have tubes!! She said his first year was miserable...they did tubes, they fell out after 1.5 years...his ear infections came back...more tubes...fell out after 1 year...infections back..more tubes!!! Crazy huh! Let's hope our LO's ears stay clear for a while!!



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