HELP Feeding Problems

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Lissi - September 29

Ok, if your baby throws up what seems like all her milk, just after you've fed her, what should you do? Feed her again??? She doesn't seem ill or anything, she just can't seem to tell when she's had enough food. Also, she's getting worse at br___tfeeding! She fights with me the whole time when I put her to the br___t, even though she's starving. She gets it eventually, but spends ages shaking her head from side to side first and getting into a furious temper with herself because she can't latch on properly. Arrggghhh! It's driving me insane! PLEASE tell me it gets easier!


Jamie - September 29

Babies spit up. As long as she's gaining weight, she's fine. Mydaughter does the head shake too...just be old is your baby?


BBK ® © - September 29

Lissi it sounds VERY familiar. We found out that my daughter got frustrated doing exactly the same thing when she was due for a burp. Keep in mind a baby can swallow lots of air if they are crying (has nothing to do with how much they ate). Also the same happened when she was tired. Now as far as throwing up, that happens because their esophagus muscle that keeps the stomach "shut" is not fully developed yet. Try burping her frequently and by sitting her and supporting her neck. Yes, it gets easier, but the baby will throw up for a while to come. My daughter does the same but doc said she's gaining weight well, so no need for action. If we were to do something, we'd probably supplement with a certain "thicker" formula like enfamil AR (anti-reflux). ..... hang it there Lissi, you're probably going through the worst part right now.


Lissi - September 29

She's 13 days old Jamie. I'm used to her spitting up, but today she threw up most of her feed. She does swallow a lot of air, even when b___stfeeding. I try to burp her at intervals when she's feeding, but she gets angry that I've taken her away from the b___st and it's hard to get her to settle again enough to latch back on. I guess I just have to toughen up and allow her to cry a bit sometimes. I always feel like I'm failing her as a parent when I can't stop her crying. She's not due to be weighed until next tuesday, so I just hope she's gaining weight.



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