Help Foods To Fatten Up My 7 Month Old

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Kara H. - February 20

My little Max has never been a big baby. He was a preemie and has stayed on the small side. From Jan 12 thru Feb 12 he was sick the entire month with on thing after another. He actually LOST a pound over the course of the month. He had just hit 16lbs before the illnesses and now he weighs 15lbs. He has never liked cereal so ped said to move on, so he has been eating grean beans, sweet potatoes, apples, nectarines, pears and our newest addition avacadoes! What else would be suitible, besides the avacadoes, that would be a higher calorie food to help fatten him back up? Would it be OK to saute his veggies in EVOO to up the calories?


vonzo - February 20

give him a block of lard to chew on, or some good old fashioned English bread and dripping!!! *YUK*! Have you tried him with cheese, pasta, bread things like that? They're all safe for his age and they certainly make me pile on the lbs!!


LisaB - February 20

My ds loves black olives they are high in the good fat so maybe try those. I'm not sure about the EVOO would that be hard on his tummy? Or cause lose stools?


Bonnie - February 20

Olive oil is just fine. Mason can't handle whole milk (drinks 1%) so I add fat to his diet in other ways. Yo Baby yogurt is good. It's a full fat yogurt. B___ter toast and english muffins. I also coat Mason's veggies in olive oil and seasonings. Like if I make him green beans, I just drizzle a good tsp (nice and greasy) of olive oil and seasonings and stir and he just loves it. If I make scrambled eggs or anything in a frying pan, I use the olive oil again. And of course there is always cheese. ;)


Bonnie - February 20

I have heard olive oil can cause loose stools. I wish! It doesn't seem to for Mason, but then again, I can feed that kid nothing but prunes all day and he still doesn;t poop without his meds, lol


Erynn21 - February 20

Whole milk yogurt, it doesn't have to be baby yogurt, just whole milk. Tofu is high in protein and you could do that, depending on who you ask he could be ready for some meats.


sophiasmom - February 20

Kara H., I would try pasta, on the overcooked side, like orzo and such... with olive oil (extra virgen) LisaB, I am so glad to hear that your ds likes black olives, my dh's family always makes "fun" of my 3yrs b/c he can olives everyday...nobody likes them.. I ate a lot of olives when I was pg w/ him...


Kara H. - February 21

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm going to try the pasta this weekend. I am going to give his tummy a few days to recover. I fed him barley and apples last night. He ate twice as much as he normally does, but then cried all night, tummy ache, I'm a__suming. I sure hope we aren't seeing a gluten sensativity showing up. He never has done well with cereals. I guess I will know for sure when I try a wheat based product like pasta this weekend. Wish me (and Max) luck!


3babies - February 22

Hi Kara, I make Abbey (also 7 months)some little stews. Just a few pieces of cubed beef, pork, chicken or lamb browned, then some water or diluted stock. To that I add veggies like potato, carrot, pumpkin, broccoli or cauliflower, peas, whatever. Let it simmer for at least an hour (so meat is tender) then puree the lot. I freeze it into little containers or snaplock bags or ice trays. She absolutely loves it! I also give her bread and b___ter to feed herself or milk arrowroot biscuits. Mashed banana is great as long as he doesnt have too much trouble with consitpation. I actually mix it with some vanilla yoghurt which she also loves.


Kara H. - February 22

I hate our walmart. They have nothing! I could't find orzo pasta. The only whole milk yogurt they had was yobaby and both packages contained banana which breaks out his b___t. What about overcooked egg noodles? I checked the ingredients and it only contains egg yolks and flour. Is he too young for egg yolks?


Kara H. - February 22

Msx loves his fruit purees super cold ever since his sore throat. What about homemade fruit ice crean with little to no sugar? Is it too early to eat (not subst_tute for formula) dairy products?


Erynn21 - February 22

Kara-you need to check out wholesomebabyfoods. com they may have better ideas for what to give him, but I have read you can start them on whole milk products at age 6 months, but there's so much conflicting advice out there. I say your his mama you probably should know what he can handle, I mean of course there are the big no's like citrus fruits, egg whites, honey, but his digestive system should be mature enough to handle some new foods, I'd try a little yogurt, and that stew idea is great by 3babies, I'm keeping that one for myself.


BriannasMummy - February 22

Honestly Kara, I dont think he sounds that underweight at all. My dd always bounced back and fourth on the scales when she was his age. From the time she was 8 months until she was 15 months she weighed 17lbs during that time.. she would gain a lb and then lose a couple.. and then gain another 1 or 2.. it went on and on like that. She was born weighing 9lbs 1.5oz. She is now almost 5 and she weighs 38lbs. We always fed her full fat baby yogurt, pastas (I never bought the baby kind.. just used the kind i cooked for us, and breads. Good Luck! ~Kristin~


Kara H. - February 22

Our ped said that 10% loss was a little more extreme that she would like to see (from 16 down to 15.5 then back up to 15 and has held steady). Her suggestion was to offer him the bottle more often. But when he only drinks 5-6 oz every 3 hours, offering more often actually DECREASES the over all ounces taken in for the day. If I offer him a bottle every 1.5 hours he will only drink about 2 - 2.5 oz which works out to only 4-5 oz over a 3 hour period. I suggested the avacodoes and she said that was fine, but didn't offer up any more suggestions. He's not crawling yet, so he's really not expending anymore calories. I'd like to get him back up to 16 lbs before his calorie needs go up with mobility.


Kara H. - February 22

Sorry I meant 10% body weight loss... weight went from 16lbs to 14.5, back up to 15lbs when he rehydrated and has stayed there.


Regina - February 22

Hi Kara. My dd is also small and was 15 lbs at 7 mos (she's now 8 mos). My pedi recommended feeding her baby foods that are higher in calories, like hawaiian delight and vanilla custard. Also, baby foods do not have high fat counts. She therefore recommended Beech Nut First Advantage Foods, which have DHA added in and are therefore higher in fat. There are like 6 varieties of the first advantage line, but unfortunately my dd did not really care for the oatmeal or rice kinds. I'm hoping she'll like the veggies better. Hope this helps.


jwhite - February 23

I don't know why all of your ped are telling you your lo's are underweight. my dd is 7 months and only probably 15 lbs and my ped has not been worried at all. She was born 6.12 and at her 6 month appt she was 13.6. She was in the 5% for her weight and 25% for her height. I hope I'm not doing wrong either or that my ped needs to be worried when she's not.



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