Help How Do I Stop My Baby From Crying

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Freedom - October 4

Hi, I have a 7 month old baby and she loves attention. The problem is that every second I put her down to try to get something done she just cries and cries. I have tried letting her cry it out which I HATE doing because she cries for what seems like forever. I know that if I run back to her everytime she cries then she will learn that she gets her way if she cries. I can not get anything done. I can not even go to the bacthroom or take a shower without having to listen to her crying. She has so many toys to play with but she doesn't play with any of them. She always wants to be held. Can someone who is an experienced mother please offer some of your wisdom? I am grateful for any suggestions.


DDT - October 4

I don't have any advice but I can tell you I am going through the same thing. My ds is also 7 months old and for about 1-1.5 months now he has been dealing with seperation anxiety. Its fairly common for all babies to experience it but just to different degrees. It has gotten better than it used to be with my son. We have to continually keep rea__suring them that they aren't being abandoned when we leave. I play peek-a-boo lots because this helps him understand that even though I am gone it doesn't mean I won't be back. Whenever I leave the room I also say, "Mama is just leaving for a short while, I'll be right back" Usually he cries but now sometimes he can actually entertain himself. When you need to pee ya need to pee. I also recently bought a very comfy hip carrier which makes it easier when shopping as he doesn't like being in his stroller for very long. When I need to do dishes or something I put him in his high chair and roll that into the kitchen right next to me. He's kept entertained by watching me, chewing on a teething buscuit or ripping up paper. Seperation anxiety peaks around 6-7 months and then again at 9-10 months. It can last weeks or months. GL.



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