Help Illness Has Turned My Sweet Baby Mean

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Kara H. - February 7

I am about at my wits end with Max my 6 month old. He is usually an incredibly good baby - always happy, smiling and laughing. He came down with influenza last Thursday and is still coughing snotty and constantly crying. I have never had a hard time giving him meds before. Now he flails, kicks, pulls my hair like he is fighting for his life. If I sit him down, he cries so hard he throws up. If I hold him he whimpers, cries pulls hair - and for his newest trick - pinches! He has started pinching me on the back of the arm when I am holding holding him on my hip while he is upset. He pinched me so hard last night while I was making him a bottle at 2 am that I almost dropped him. Without even thinking about it I flipped him around and held him out in front of me eye to eye and told him loudly and firmly "Don't pinch! It hurts Mommy". So then he crys so hard he pukes on me. I looked at my arm this morning and I have a purpler splotchy bruise the size of a quarter! About an hour after that I was holding him on my hlp while trying to console him while making another bottle and he did it again in the exact same spot. I corrected him again (not as loudly as the first time) and immidiately laid him down in his play pen and made him wait 5 minutes for his bottle. I just looked at my arm again and I now have a blood blister in the center of my bruise from last night. What happened to me sweet baby? He is so angry! Should I just overlook this new habit until he is well? Man I am going to be wearing long sleeves for weeks!!


JenniferB - February 7

It sounds like he just feels like junk. I am crabby when I am sick too. He will probably be his old self when he feels better. Good luck.


LisaB - February 7

My sweet lo turns into the devil when he doesn't feel good that is the only time he pinches and I set him down tell him no it hurts mommy and he flips and cries then when he calms down like 10 seconds latter I'll try again. I think they just feel so c___pppy and don't know how to express it so they lash out. Very trying as it gets frustrating but keep in mind they feel horrible. I will repeat it often so I don't got so frustrated. Hopefully he will be feeling better soon and tyou will get your sweet baby back.


mcatherine - February 7

Well, if it helps any - I'm 33 and I'm vicious when I'm sick. Honestly - I know this about myself. My husband and oldest normally lock me in a room and slide soup under the door.... So, I would wait to see how he acts when he;s feeling better!


bekysu - February 7

Hi Kara H. I was wondering how little Max was doing. I'm sorry that he isn't taking his illness well. Some babies are very fustrated as well as some adults, when they are sick. They can't breath so they may not be sleeping as well, or they can't breath so they don't eat as well etc etc. Just remember, he's only six months old. He has no idea that he's pinching or pulling hair nor does he understand when you try to correct him so don't get discouraged if the repremands don't work. Those are most likely just reflexes. I would try to cover his hands with socks so he can't pinch or pull. It will keep you less fustrated (and purple). Good Luck. Having a sick baby SUCKS!


Kara H. - February 7

I hadn't thought about covering his hands, thats a good idea. Maybe it will also absorb some of the snot when he starts rubbing his face and getting it everywhere. We are going to see the doctor tomorrow. I expected him to cough and be snotty for quite a while, but I think his temperment is degrading by the day. He cried for more than 2/3 of his waking hours yesterday. She had taken him off of his AR meds at his 6 month appointment right before he got sick. So I don't know if his horrible att_tude is do to the AR coming back, an ear infection, or what's going on. I thought we had turned a corner on Monday, he seemed to feel better. He played some in his exersauser, drank about 20 oz of formula (huge improvement but less than half of his usual), and even smiled and coo'd a bit. But the last two days, he has cried almost non stop. He even acts like he is sensative to light. He started coughing really bad and woke up from his nap. I turned on the light, and he covered his face and SCREAMED like the light hurt his eyes. So not like himself. I am feeling quite frazzled and migrane-ish myself from the nonstop crying and fussing.


bekysu - February 7

I forgot you had a ARer. I (think) that sometimes when a baby is sick regardless if he or she has reflux they tend to become a refluxer during their sick period. I know my lo has spit up more since being sick from all of the mucous goop. YUK! The ER even discussed the spitting up with me. Soooo, your little man is probably the same sweet guy he's always been he's just having some AR issues due to the flu : )


apr - February 7

of course mcatherine has to crack me up again. u just brightened my evening. go to the post i just created. wen my baby was sick he was like that too (besides the pinching part ouch!!!)



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