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TinaMarie - June 4

Hi! My daughter is 6.5 months. up until about a week ago she had the best bed time habits. We would read a story every night and she would go to bed at 6:45-7pm and lay in her crib and go to sleep on her own. She would wake about 3 am and go to sleep again till 7. All of the sudden she screams, and I mean SCREAMS at bedtime. She finally goes to bed at 7:30 or so but is up in an hour or so screaming again. She was just at the docs so I do not think it could be an ear infection, no fever or anything. Teething? Maybe, she does not yet have a tooth. But I have thought she has been teething for 2 months There is no signs of a tooth, just drools alot and chews everything. I have considered CIO, but I am curious how to let her cry it out safely. She is already pulling her self into the standing position in her crib and cruising along side the crib. So if I let her cry she pulls herself up and very soon after I hear a thud and she had banged her head off the crib bars. I am so afraid she is gonna hurt herself. Any tips of what to do or why this is happening. Thank you!


LisaB - June 4

Have you tried Tylenol incase it is teething pain? My ds got his two bottom teeth this past week. When he got his first he was prety uncomfortable but his second came two days later and he woke screaming we gave him Tylenol and that made a world of differnce. If it isn't teething which you won't know for sure until you can feel the teeth I would do the cio now before she is able to get out of her crib.


RB - June 5

it probably is teething - my ds has almost 4 teeth already so it's been, well, interesting... have you lowered her crib so that she can't fall out? i can't suggest anything to keep her from standing, but i have heard that motrin lasts longer than tylenol - i haven't tried it yet though... also, in re: the bedtime change, my ds changed his bedtime and started waking earlier as well so maybe it's a phase at this age? i'm not sure... but every time it seems like he's on a good schedule, everything changes... good luck!


Bonnie - June 5

Well, Mason is 2 months behind you and I'd swear he is teething as well...yet no sign of a tooth! :( We did CIO prior with Mason and it went well (despite being hell on ME, lol). I think it works great as long as there are not any other issues going on. If you want to know what we did lemme know and i'll e-mail you since I have your addy.


TinaMarie - June 5

RB- thank you for saying that about lowering the crib. I do not think she would climb out yet, but to be honest I had not even thought of it! I think I will try Motrin tonight. Last night was another all She is fairly pleasant throughout the day, little crankier than normal, but with the lack of sleep so am I!!! I will email you about the CIO Bonnie. I am so weak, I last 3 monutes and am right there and now that she is standing in the crib, I last about 30 seconds. I am just worried she will fall and hit her head. We of course have bummers etc, but they only go up so far. Thanks for the suggests guys, I knew if anyone would know it would be all you!!


pbj - June 5

Oh boy, my dd is 6.5 months now and she kicks and screams for her naps, bedtime is still ok...well for the most part. It doesn't sound like teething, it sounds like a developmental phase. Mattea is trying to get into a standing position in her crib, so she keeps trying. I've noticed anytime there's something new she's trying to perfect, she will deprive herself of sleep, then when she gets it, she goes back to her normal schedule. I'll tell you what I did, which really is kinda of half *ss way of CIO, but it worked for us. I soothe and comfort her by holding her, you could rock or whatever it is you normally do. I then lay her calmed in her crib (she immediately rolls to her tummy, she won't sleep on her back now that she rolls over) so I then soother her again by patting her bottom, rubbing her back or head say night-night, I love you. I then leave the room. I allow her to fuss, whine, whimper or cry, but not scream; which did not work for us...we're whimps and Mattea would just choke, it was more than we could take. If she starts screaming, I go back in and start over again. I'm not saying it will absolutely work for you, however it worked for us, and it took about a week. Now all I have to do at night is take her in the room love on her a few minutes and place her in the crib and she puts herself to sleep. We started this at about 5.5 months because we could see she was ready, she no longer wanted to be held to be put to sleep, she would just kick and scream and try to wiggle out of my arms. Like I said though, I really think it's developmental, but if you find that it may not be, just give her a little bit of tylenol before her last nursing/bottle of the night.



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