Help My Baby Is Wheezing

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lmk - April 16

My 5.5 month old is has started to have bouts of fast breathing for a minute or so at a time. I hear him wheeze also, not all the time, but it seems to be getting more frequent. I'm going to call the pedi tomorrow morning, but I'm very concerned now. I've heard him do this while he's nursing, playing, but not while he's sleeping. Could this be asthma, RSV or what??? Could it be just from getting excited about everything - my dh thinks he's just getting excited, but do babies wheeze when they're excited? He'll wheeze only once and then maybe again in 5 minutes or more...not continuously.


tish212 - April 16

I have noticed my dd is doing something similar.. she is 4 sounds like an asthma attack when she does it, she sucks air in and makes a wheezing noise as she does it. Asthma runs on both sides i have it and dh does as well, and we have been paying close attention to when this happens and we have noticed it happens the worst when our one cat is near her, she will sneeze several times then shortly after she will weeze for a bit... she doesn't seem to panic with it though i did. So i am chalking ours up to asthma and will be discussing it with my doctor next week on her 4 month check up. i just looked RSV up in my "your babys first year" book and it says the first signs of it are similar to a cold, signs it lists are - when he breathes he may grunt and tighten his abdomen muscles, he will make a high pitched whistling sound called a wheeze EACH time he exhales, he may not take fluids so well because he is working so hard to breath i hope this helps, good luck hopefully your dh is right and its just excitement, when my dd gets excited she throws her arms all over and tries to rock back and forth if your son does his excited activites while this happens it may be just excitement, or a sign of asthma since excitement can trigger an attack GL and keep us posted


lmk - April 17

thanks for your answer tish. My lo just woke me up to nurse (we co-sleep). He doesn't really wake up, just starts rooting. I heard him do this high pitched breathing in twice during the feed. He obviously wasn't excited as he was asleep mostly, so I think my dh is wrong. DS doesn't seem to have any signs of a cold...but it does seem that my b___sts are fuller now than usual, so he hasn't nursed as much ? He nurses on demand, so I can't tell from how often he's doing it. I should be asleep, but I'm really worried and counting the hours until the pedi's office opens.


lmk - April 17

I took ds to pediatrician...she said he's experimenting with vocalization. That if it was asthma, the wheezing would be on the exhale, not on the inhale, unless it was a major attack. She listened to his lungs and said everything sounded good. This kid is giving me gray hairs...anyone else's lo make bizarre sounds like whistling with his throat?


K - April 17

My dd thought it was hilarious to make that inhaling wheezing sound. I think she was around 8 mths. When she saw it freaked us out, she liked doing it even more. She would quit and then just start laughing. She also particularly liked to do it when she was in her high chair and we were feeding her baby food so that we would think she was choking. That was great fun. I think she about gave my mother a heart attack. I think I have a few gray hairs from the first few days of that period too. After a few weeks (and since we quit reacting) she got bored with that and moved on to other words and noises.


olivia - April 17

My son has always been a whistling breather. We sort of always thought it was funny, the ped said nothing was wrong. Now he is 16 months and wheezes a lot! He has been to allergists, had chest xrays that show inflammation. So don't get too comfortable with the noise like we did. I let him go a whole weekend of heavy wheezing because I second guessed myself. I don't want to scare you, I just feel bad that we got used to all the noise and didn't react sooner when it mattered. He is on steroids now and finally doing better!


lmk - April 17

Olivia, You have a good point. I'm a worrier by nature, but your post is a good one to show my dh, as he thinks I'm over protective.


lmk - April 28

tish, I don't know anything about asthma, so could you tell me, is coughing common? Ds got what the pedi thought was either a cold or an allergy to milk (I was off all dairy for a few months and just started having it again). He had a runny nose for one day and coughing, but then for the next 4 days, he's not coughing during the day, but coughs at night. And I can hear the mucus that he's trying to cough through. I've been pretty much holding him all night either in the glider or in bed to keep his head and chest more elevated. I googled night cough, and it seems that it's linked to asthma, so I'm now wondering ...


Sahm2myboys - February 3

Hi I know that this thread was written over 2 years ago but I was curious to know what was wrong with your chiuld if anything. I looked up 'wheezing and infancy' and this thread came up. My child wheezes only when he shows signs of being excited or happy. It scares me because he also has colic and acid reflux.


lmk - February 3

Wow, I haven't even been on these forums in 2 years! You should come check out They have great forums. It's very ironic that you responded to this post, because I used to worry so much about the sounds that my son was making, and at the time it was nothing. Every time he got sick, the pediatrician would listen to his lungs, and say his lungs are great. Now he's over 2 years old, and we recently moved to FL. Ds was sick with a minor cold/cough when we moved here and ended up with pneumonia and wheezing (really wheezing). As much as I worried when he was an infant (and it was nothing), now I wasn't worried about his cold and never suspected either pneumonia or wheezing. The Dr. heard both by listening to his lungs with a stethoscope. We're now on another cold, no pneumonia, but he does have wheezing which we're treating with xopenex and prednisone. How old is your lo? If they're pretty young, then they may be experimenting with sounds like mine was when younger. You could always take him to the Dr. just to make sure. Does your lo cough? The Dr. said that my ds coughs (when he's got a cold) to expand his coughing could be a symptom too. HTH!


Sahm2myboys - February 3

I thought that I may surprise you by emailing on a forum that was 2 years ago LOL =) My son is 9 weeks old and had a really hard time arriving into this world as well - he was born 10 pounds 6 ounces- shoulder dystocia and 4 broken ribs. So you could only imagine how much I am on edge these days ! Any little thing frightens me. I did take him to the doctor last week for his acid reflux and colic but I failed to mention thew wheezing. It is not considtant and I find that he smiles when he is doing it a lot so he is not in pain. aaaah I will continue to monitor it. Be well and thank you for your response. May your child feel better soon.



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