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stefkay - June 20

Ok, so my almost 12 month old dd had been pretty much sleeping through the night since about 10 mos when we finally let her cry one night for 30 mins. Maybe there was an off night here and there where she woke to cry but went right back to sleep. Suddenly this week she started pulling herself up in her crib to standing and screams till we get her. I was up ALL night last night doing this over and over and over. I am so tired. I am weaning her too and the only way to get her to sleep in the middle of the night is the br___t and I'm not wanting to do that. Her doc says to go cold turkey on the br___t as I'm not feeding her that way much anymore so I just might. Anyways, she cannot get back to laying on her back on her own so that is why I can' jus t let her stand there and cry. What do I do? What have any of you done when they get to this point? I think she can drop to sitting but from there I know she doesn't know how to get to her back lying down. She can get to her tummy but has never slept that way. She knows how to roll from back to tummy, crawls, cruises, sits up, etc. but never rolled from tummy to back if that makes sense. HELP!!!!!! Thanks!


Mama J - June 22

Hi, my son has just turned a year and we are having the same problem. He was sleeping mostly through the night as well at 6 months and then over Christmas we visited my husband's family for a week and he woke every 2 hours. Then we went to Florida for 3 months which didn't help. I started to try to wean him at 11 months and was doing really well with no feeds during the day when he got some kind of bug and was throwing up and diarrhea for over two weeks so the dr said just feed him b___st and clear fluids till it pa__sed. so I back tracked. It's easy for a dr to say go cold turkey but it's not so easy on you or your little one to do that. I noticed the fist time that as I cut back in the day he wanted more at night. I went ahead and gave it to him because it's a huge comfort and secuity I am taking away from him so I wanted to do it gradually because that is what has always worked for my little guy. He seems to adjust better with a gradual change and he woke less and less often and took less and less time when he did wake. Also my b___sts adjusted without much pain or discomfort....just leaking. When he was younger and I was trying to get him through the night sometimes when he woke up I would just rock him back to sleep instead of feeding him and that worked as well. My son never slept on his stomach but now if I lay him down on his back or side he immediatly flips over to his stomach with his bum up in the air. It was suggested to me to try to give him some cereal before bed but he hasn't wanted his cereal for a while now so I use toast. It seems to stick to him better and he sleeps longer on a full belly. So I give him his bath then a toast then I change his diaper then give him the b___st and he is gone. I find my little guy wakes up mostly because he needs a diaper change, which he fusses or cries through and then he spends a few minutes on the b___st and he's back to sleep. It only takes 10-15 min and is much easier on us both. He is gradually getting better and better. I have never been able to just let him cry it out. The times I have tried it seems he just became more clingy for two or three days after which is worse on me so it may be gradual but it is working for us. I hope this helps you. If not thanks for letting me share anyway. Good luck



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