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BWIND - March 8

My poor son! We switched his formula to Enfamil Gentlease a week ago. He is still very gassy. When he burps he sounds like a man. Now he is sleeping. I heard him on the monitor and I thought he was awake. He is still making grunting noises and passing gas. Loud gas. I put Mylicon drops in all of his bottles. After he eats, he draws his legs up and just grunts like crazy. I'm not sure if it is just gas or if he is trying to make a bowel movement. He had two dirty diapers yesterday. Any suggestions on how to get this gas out of my baby? I hear a lot about gripe water....what is it and where do I buy it. I've never heard of it before. I've also heard plain water (boiled or nursery) and a dab of sugar in it. When is awake, he is constantly making grunting noises and just looks like he's in pain. He is also 3 weeks old today.


ry - March 8

I used Gentlease on my daughter too because she had reflux and was really ga__sy. I do believe it can take up to 2 weeks before you start seeing the benefits of the formula switch but if he is still doing bad after that you might want to try Nestle Good Start. Can you give him the Mylicon drops straight? They always seemed to work better for me than when mixed in the bottle. Also, what kind of bottles do you use? You might want to make a switch there too.


Jennifer28 - March 8

I lie my lo on the floor and bend her knees up to her belly - and try to make a game out of it. I sing to her and act like she is dancing. Normally, she gets a real kick out of it and giggles while she toots the gas out, lol. Just a temporary fix until you can find a real 'cure'. Good luck!


Pea Pod - March 8

we went thru this exact same thing when dd was about the same age. she grunted and had wet burps and just sounded like she was uncomfortable a lot. we took her to the ped because we worried about reflux but the ped said she would be spitting up more and crying and uncomfortable ALL the time, which she wasn't, so she recommended the mylecon drops. I'm not sure if those helped or not, but she seems to have pa__sed that phase. She still grunts a LOT though. So, I guess I don't have any advice, but thought I would share that you aren't alone and that hopefully it will pa__s like it did for us. Oh, and we also bought some of the Dr. Browns bottles but I don't really think they made a difference either, and now I don't like to use them because they seem to leak a lot! But a friends ga__sy baby was helped tremendously with Dr. Browns, so it could be worth a try for you.


Pea Pod - March 8

Oh, and after reading Jennifer28's post, a friend said she would do the same thing with the legs and it really helped, and in fact, her son who is now 4 until just recently would come up to her and ask her to move his legs because his tummy hurt!


BWIND - March 8

thanks for the help. I put the mylicon drops in his bottle. I'm going to buy the Dr. Brown botltes tonight. It is worth a shot. Right now we are using avent. Anyone know anything about gripe water?


luviduvi - March 8

Hey, I have Dr. Browns bottles right now but started both babies with the Playtex nursers with the drop ins. The Nursers are the best when preventing gas. Also, Isomil, which is Similiac soy formula, works withing three days most of the time. Sounds like you lo has a milk intolerance and is getting too much air. I do however like Dr. Browns but still think the NURSER is the best. The mylicon drops are not going to work in the bottle. On the back of the bottle it says that you can mix with ONE ounce of formula or water....the whole bottle might dilute it too much and plus, if he spits up or doesn't take the whole bottle he won't get the recommended dose.



Gripe water was a life saver for us. There is different brands and you can get more for your buck at health stores but I bought the Little Remedies brand because I knew the brand well and trusted it, and it didn't dissapoint! I bought it at Babies r us for $9. Good luck!


AshleyB - March 8

Hi there, I feel for you and have been there, and It's not fun, I know. My ds is 3 months now, but he started out on similac and then at 2 wks he was switched to soy because he was so ga__sy, that was even worse, we tried everything, mylicon drops, the sugar water, pedaling his legs, the gripe water, nothing worked and he would just cry and cry from the ga__sy pains. I switched to the enfamil and it transformed my baby into a happy giggly little happy guy. It was a life saver. Sometimes it can take a week or two weeks to notice the difference, but i"d stick with that and hopefully it works. It sure changed our lives. I do still use the mylicon drops in most of his bottles just to keep it in check, he pa__ses gas easier with it. But what a difference formula can make! If it starts working for you and y ou're happy with it, a little secret is, Target has a generic version that is absolutely identical to the enfaml gentlease and it's $14.99 for the big can. Good luck!



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