Help Somebody Call The Crazy House

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TC - November 3

I think that I am loooosing my mind. My son is 9 wks and I just did not think that being a wife and mother would be this hard. My house is a walking disaster, I have not cooked a decent meal since I was pregnant and intimacy has been "Hey, lets watch the Apprentice." Before I gave birth, I had a betty crocker moment and thought that I would be the perfect housewife/mother. But after I gave birth I am always tired, always thinking about the baby and I can not seem to get 7 showers in a wk. If I get 3 in I had a good wk. Does it ever get better or am I stuck?


Lissi - November 3

I know just how you feel! I thought it would be non-stop fun and happiness, being a mother, and I remember reading that newborns sleep for 16 hours a day and thinking, "Why does everyone make such a fuss?!" HA! Now I know the truth! It's definitly the hardest job I've ever done. As for intimacy, forget it! I only just manage to think about s_x these days, but I'm too bloody tired to do it. Me and hubby constantly argue about who had the least sleep. They do say it gets easier, but I'm still looking for that light at the end of the tunnel. I wouldn't change anything of course. I love my baby so much, and I'm so lucky to have her, but motherhood isn't at all how I expected it to be.


Michelle - November 3

Its very hard, but it does get better. Once the baby is a bit older and has more of routine its easier, but then some baby's are good and others aren't. I was blessed to have a good baby. Have another on the lets see if this girl is anything like her sister. (I hope so) Anyhow, try dedicating a little time to yourself in the evening. Have your husband take over so you can shower and make yourself feel womanly! Cooking.... I could never cook at time! I promise it does get better though. Hang in there~


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 4

My demanding little guy is almost 12 weeks old. My house is a disaster, I try to keep up with the basics but that is about it. Cooking is nonexistent. i stock up on tv dinners and most of the time do not even get to eat but a few bites. It is getting better than it was, but if I mop the kitchen floor once a month now I am doing good. I work too, so it is even more diffiecult. By the time I get home, take care of the baby, try to eat, make bottles and pack him up for the next day, I am lucky to squeeze in a shower while dh takes care of baby and cannot wait to get into bed because I am so tired. Then I wake up and do it again. The baby is the most beautiful child I have ever seen, I love being his mommy and could not imagine life without him, but man, sometimes it's tough. He's worth it though.



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