HELP Time For Shots

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Sarahsmommy - February 9

Ok, poor little Miss Sarah has to go for her 2 month check-up tomorrow morning and get 5 shots. I know I can give her tynelol before, but I'm scared I'm gonna have a harder time then her. Anybody have any tips for me. I'm really scared I'm gonna cry and then look stupid, I hate to see my baby girl in pain. My husband and my dad, her granddaddy are going, and I would go out of the room, but then I would feel like I was abanding her. HELP!!!!


YC - February 9

I dont have any advice but I feel your pain. My little one goes in next Thrusday and I am dreading it. I want to leave the room but I dont know if I can. I am so nervous about the possible fever and fussiness after as well. I now we have to do it, I just hate it.


here is the info i read - February 9

excerpts... "We were fortunate to have been given the name of a pediatrician who was a well-known b___stfeeding advocate. The doctor suggested that I nurse Elizabeth during her immunizations. What a brilliant idea! During the next round of immunizations, my daughter did not even flinch. She did not cry during or after the injection. Her face never turned beet red as it had for her first two immunizations. We left the office as if we had just been on a nice afternoon walk. Apparently, my new pediatrician had been reading current pediatric pain research. A recent study published in the British Medical Journal concluded that b___stfeeding effectively reduces response to pain during minor invasive procedure in term neonates...Soon after this experience, I began reading all I could about pain reduction through b___stfeeding. In my search, I came across an article on It described the findings of researchers at McGill University's Montreal Children's Hospital Research Inst_tute in Quebec, Canada, which was presented at the Pediatrics Academic Societies Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Ronald Barr of Montreal, a physician at the hospital, stated that b___stfeeding "is the simplest reduce the pain experienced by the infant." Another recent study showed that infant "crying and grimacing was reduced by 91 percent and 84 percent, respectively while b___stfeeding... during blood collection" (Gray et al. 2002).


Sarahsmommy - February 9

Thank you for that info I went to the website and read the whole thing again, I will defently try this tomorrow if they will let me, hey it's my baby they will let me.


Grantsmom - February 9

I feel for you! I took Grant to get his shots today. I cried like a fool! Don't feel embarrased about crying I'm sure most women do, especially the first time. I can say that it was over really fast. One nurse layed him on the table and held him. She was talking and playing with him as the other nurse quickly gave the shots. It took him a minute to realize what happend and he turned red and screamed, but only for about 30 seconds. Then I picked him up and he was fine. I took a bottle with me for the ride home and that kept him calm. I gave him some tylenol before we left per the Dr.s advice, and my Doc said to give it to him again in about 5 hours. He has been sleeping alot today, and when he is awake he is fussy, but that is normal. He hasn't had a fever. Just keep in mind that it will be over really fast. My son seemed to enjoy the visit up until then, he was laughing and cooing at the Dr. It broke my heart when he cried though. Good luck tomorrow, you'll get through it.



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