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xcitd2bmum - February 26

Or should I say lack of? I was about 20 pounds overweight when I got pregnant and gained 30lbs during my pregnancy. Now its been 5 weeks and I havent even had a chance to gain anything back because I never lost any to begin with!! I think I have definately waited long enough that we all know its not from swelling :) but I am now 4lbs lighter than befor I had him! My son alone was 6lbs!! How is that even possible? I want to cry!! Whats wrong with me? I'm eating really healthy (for one!), I'm br___tfeeding and even taking long walks with my son when its warm enough outside ( I live in Florida). Please someone give me some insight?! Am I the only one who knows nothing of the "weight just melted off" story that I always hear about?


aurorabunny - February 26

Oh honey, 5 weeks is nothin! The people that say "Oh you just b___stfeed and don't eat midnight snacks, all the weight will fall right off!" Yah those people don't have kids. 5 weeks post partum, your uterus probably hasn't even completely shrunken down yet, so don't panic. Have you checked into Weight Watchers at all where you live? They have a program special for b___st feeding moms to make sure that although you are eating healthy you are still maintaining a good calorie level to keep your milk supply going good. Just keep doing what you're doing and try to focus on the long term instead of the short term, remember it took you 9 months to gain that weight, it will probably take you at least that long to lose it. Don't get discouraged.=) Good luck!


Pea Pod - February 26

I have yet to see it start "melting off". I think that's just a myth! Or maybe just not true for everyone. A lot of people say it didn't just melt off for them. My baby is 5 weeks, too. I lost an initial 20 pounds (I put on 50!) but it totally stopped after that. I retained a LOT of water during pregnancy so I know most of that weight loss was that. As far as this extra 30 pounds of fat though, I think I'm going to have to work my b___t off to lose that. I think the body actually tries to hang on to the extra weight when you are least for some people. Which sucks since I am b___stfeeding too. I like aurorbunny's suggestion of the weight watchers...I didn't realize they had weight watchers for b___stfeeding would be really nice to know how many calories I should be eating right now.


Nerdy Girl - February 26

My first baby was 10 lbs, and I left the hospital almost 30 pounds lighter. I was told "10 lb baby, 10 lb placenta, excess fluids." My 2nd baby was 9 lbs, and I left the hospital 8 lbs lighter.... WTF!?!?!? Taking off this second pregnancy weight has been a ma__sive struggle for me. My son is now 15 months old and I am still 10 lbs away from prepreg weight. So, don't be too hard on yourself because it's only been 5 weeks. Plus, not everyone loses weight while b___stfeeding. I certainly didn't, and I have heard others on this forum say the same. Even with my first baby where the weight came off a lot easier, I could not lose the final few pounds until she self-weaned at 12 months. Relax, you will eventually get back to normal! :)


Nerdy Girl - February 26

I forgot to say that I too am doing WW. I love their Core Plan. I have been doing it for a year and have lost 30 lbs without even feeling like I am dieting at all.


Rhiannon - February 26

I found that I gained more after the babies because for the first 3 months they slept onthe couch all day and I just sat and watched them. Now they are 6 months and I find that moving around and dancing for them makes them laugh. I hope my after baby weight gain starts to go away. It also didn't help that I was so burnt out and I had so little time to eat properly, I just ate quick sugary foods for the energy boost.



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