HELP What Kind Of Bed For Newborn

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Maria - February 16

Hi Ladies ~ Sorry if this question has been asked before. I'm due in four weeks and my baby still does not have a bed! There are so many choices: Moses basket, rocking/rolling cradle or bassinet, co-sleeper, etc., I really have no idea what is best and why. I will be br___tfeeding and want the baby close by at all times, but still would like to be able to move her from room to room if necessary. Any advice? What worked best for you? Thank you so much!


Kerry - February 16

well it totally depends on you and what your comfortable with. My self my girl went right to her own room and crib from day one it was great for me as her room is just across the hall from ours and I had a comfy chair in her room for night feedings but I never b___st fed. (couldn't) I know some people have mentioned that the transition from Moms room to their own later can be tough but it all depends on the child. You do what is best for you. I did use her play pen/ ba__senet when she was ill just so I was close.


momma - February 16

at first I had my dd in a ba__sinet next to our bedroom door after a while I put her in the crb during the day and the ba__sinete at night and now she is in her crib all the time and she is sleeping well, there were a few nights (5 at the most) that she just wouldnt sleep without being in my arms


sounds like a - February 16

Moses basket or ba__sinet with wheels would be best for you since you would like to move around with it. The Moses Basket is going to have a limited lifetime because your baby will probably out grow it very quickly. I have seen some co sleepers with wheels too, but I can't remember the brand. Pack and Play's have ba__sinets and wheels but I don't know how comfy they are for the baby OR if you will be up to bending to pick the baby up from there in the beginning. Another plus to the Pack n Play is that they come with a changing table. Good Luck and congrats!


katie - February 16

i vote for an AMBY BED!!! love em!!!


Grantsmom - February 16

We started out with our son in a pack and play in our room. Then at around 4 weeks we moved him to his crib in his own room. His room is close to ours though. It's really all according to what kind of sleep arrangements you want, and how your home is set up. I know if my son's room was far away or upstairs, I wouldn't have moved him so soon. Also keep in mind that they grown so quickly. The baby will probably out grow the moses basket in a few weeks. My son is big. I'm glad I didn't get the ba__sinette, because he would have outgrown it pretty quick. The pack and play is a little larger than a ba__sinette. He still naps in his sometimes and it's portable.


Jbear - February 16

My daughter sleeps in her crib in our bedroom. She's six months. I'll probably keep her in our room a little longer, then she'll share a bedroom with her big sister. I used a pack and play with the basinette at's great because it has a change table and an organizer (but read the box, they don't all come with everything) so you have everything you need. When your baby gets too big for the ba__sinette part (plan on that happening around 4 or 5 months) you can keep it for a travel bed or playpen.


MJM - February 17

My son sleeps in his own room in his crib. he has ever since we brought him home from the hospital. He is now 6 wks old. He has been sleeping through the night ever since he was 3 wks old. Through the night I mean to bed at 9 and he wakes up at 4 eats a little and falls back to sleep. When he wakes at 4 I feed him in his room. I have a rocking chair in his room and that way he falls right back to sleep. I did the same with my daughter. It seems he falls back to sleep easier when I feed him in his room at night. Only a night lite is on and there is no major moving around.


The real Lissi - February 17

My baby slept in a moses basket for the first 3 and a half months. It was very handy, because It was easy to carry from room to room so I could keep an eye on her at all times.


Heidi - February 17

Emma's ba__sinet was right next to my bed. At about 6 wks I moved her crib next to my bed but since I nursed, she slept with me almost all the time but I would let her fall asleep each night in the crib and then when she woke to nurse I would either leave her in bed with me or put her back in her crib when she was finished but most of the time she just stayed in bed because we'd both fall asleep. It's still about the same at 4 months now but I usually put her back in her crib after nursing her so I have more room to stretch out.


Maria - February 17

Thank you so much ladies for answering my question. I appreciate the various info - so helpful. Now it's a matter of trying to make a decision - a dreadful task for a pregnant woman! Thanks again, and have a great weekend!


ally - February 18

ba__sinett i reccomend big time


Pooh - February 18

Think about where your beautiful baby will come from a lovely, comfortable, perfect temperature, cosy, warm, safe environment - inside of you. If you were in your babies position what would you choose? i would choose to sleep as close to my mommy as possible, co-sleeping, what is more natural?


katie - February 18

me too, Pooh!!!


L...Hannah's Mom - February 18

I used a bedside ba__sinet in the beginning and ultimately decided co-sleeping was the way to go. My baby is now almost 6 months and we are still happily b___stfeeding and co-sleeping.


April - February 18

I vote co sleeping. Co sleeping and b___stfeeding go hand in hand. We bought a king size bed. It was the best investment we ever made. We just pushed the bed against the wall so baby's nice and safe.


Dalfie - February 18

We used the crib, after trying a packnplay. I just rolled the crib next to the bed during the night. Now that DS is 5 mo old, I usually leave his crib across the room. For napping in other rooms, I just put a blanket on the floor - he likes that, and practices rolling over.



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