Help Where D My House Go

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BeccaBaby1 - June 18

When I was pregnant and during the first couple months after my girlie was born my housekeeping skills were pretty darn fabulous - I was a bit obsessed. But now my bub is 5 months and I can't seem to keep up! I don't like it one bit and it worries me - what will I do when she's running around? What will I do when I have more than one? Suggestions everyone? How do you do it?


mjvdec01 - June 18

I have a 28 month old and am 35 weeks pregnant. You can only do what you can do. I find that doing small loads of laundry everyday keeps the wash under control, and I always do the dishes right away. In the morning I vacuum after breakfast, and I always tidy up the bathrooms after use. It is all about time management and prioritizing. That is not to say that there aren't days when I let things go a bit and take my daughter out for the day. I also include her in everything. I let her get throw the laundry in the washer and put the wet clothes in the dryer. I give her paper towels and let her "help" clean the mirrors and windows. I bought her a vacuum that looks just like my Dyson and she does that with me too. When it comes to the dishes I don't let her help because of the gla__s and knives, so I usually do them while she watches a 20 minute cartoon, or is busy playing in the backyard where I can see her. If you include you toddler rather than pushing them away it really makes things a lot easier, and you little one happier.


MNMOM - June 19

Hey Becca - Just do the best you can do and know that it is ok if your standards have changed. Yes you want a clean and safe environment for your child, but beyond that, what is really important here? The time you are spending with your child that you can never get back! You are a mom first not a housekeeper, that is what I tell myself and my family. My mom always tells me she wishes she had spent more time with her babies and less time cleaning the house, I don't want those same regrets so even though it is very very hard for me (I am sorta a perfectionist and a neat freak too) I am learning to "let go" a little bit with the house cleaning thing!


Crystal83 - June 19

I agree with the others, do what you can. When my oldest was a about 18 months is when she started to turn into a little tornado, lol, every room she pa__sed through there was a big mess! When she was 2-3 years old and I had my 2nd dd it got even worse. Now I have 3 and I've made it a habit to let everything go and do a nightly clean up routine and then I take one day during the week where I put music on and get out all my cleaning supplies and me and the 2 oldest kids (7 &4 now) have fun dancing around and getting everything vaccuumed and cleaned up. They clean up all their messes and I do the bathrooms and the floors/windows. So maybe you could try doing a 30 min clean up after your LO goes to sleep, and maybe get hubby to help out too! I put my DH in charge of dishes and I straighten up the toys and put a load of laundry in .Then once a week take a day to do all the heavy cleaning that needs to be done.


MelissaK - June 19

I hired a cleaning lady to come every Friday, but I don't think everyone can do this. I have a nanny and get her to vacuum every Monday. I make sure she straightens up when she leaves each day. I usually use the 45 mins after bub goes to sleep at night to mop up the floor area where she eats. In other words - DELEGATE to every single person you can, and that means DH. Mine cleans up after dinner and makes the coffee each evening. He does his own laundry. You're not superwoman for heaven's sake!


BeccaBaby1 - June 19

Thanks ladies. Okay, I'm going to work on my time management, tell myself everyday that "I am a mom first," work out a cleaning schedule, and start delegating. Great suggestions.


cblack - June 19

I have a nearly 9 month old of my own, and I also watch a 12 mo and 13 mo old at my house during the week (I own an in-home daycare). My house is mostly kept up. I have a problem with the laundry and the dishes though. I feel like my kitchen is always a mess, and the clothes are never clean. It is like a never ending battle I think. I hope that I can get better because I sometimes feel like I am just lazy or something because my house looks so bad... but I just dont have the energy to clean when I am worn out from watching three boys all day long. Speaking of... I have to do the dishes and laundry today because DH told me that he doesnt have any clothes to take on his trip this weekend... lol. Guess I will be cleaning during naptime this afternoon. :( Oh well... I think you as a mom can only do what you can. If you cant have everything as clean as before, it is probably because your lo is awake more during the day, and you are occupied with keeping the baby occupied. Sometimes people dont realize how difficult a job being a mommy actually is. I wouldnt put too much worry into it. You can only do what you can, and what you cant get to can always be done later. :) Good luck!


Bridget - June 19

I agree bigtime with the "be a Mom first" thing. I came up with that one too when my son was only a few months old and my housekeeping skills took a nosedive. You can never get the time back when they are small but you can do those dishes when they are in bed. Also, I give my husband props because early on we seemed to fall into a duty schedule. He wound up doing 99% of the laundry and I do most of the cooking and dish washing so just not having to think about the laundry takes a lot of the stress out of my day. We sort of split the other chores as needed, I may do a bit more of the detailed things. We both work full time so we just do the best we can and spend most of our precious evenings and weekends having fun with our 2 year old and worry about the crumbs on the carpet and stuff later. Also, our LO is able to help clean up his own toys, he likes the praise so we're lucky there. Hey,myvdec01, my little guy is 28 mo too-02-17-06 is his birthday. Is your daughter near then? I could not imagine being 35 weeks PG and chasing a toddler. You are superwoman!



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