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stefkay - November 14

Hi, I just took my 4 month old daughter to the pediatrician's and she is doing awesome! She has hit every milestone except for rolling over. She has literally done it 2 times (from tummy to back) and both times I think it was almost like an accident. I'm hearing about babies rolling both ways at this point and she just won't do it. I asked the dr. when the risk of SIDS goes down and she said it is when the baby can roll both ways. HELP! I've been so nervous the past few months that I want some relief, lol :) When did your babies roll over? I feel like this is my fault because I didn't do tummy time with her daily. She is pretty ok with it now, but it used to be that when I put her on her tummy she would scream and cry. Now she holds her head up and even grabs for toys once in a while, but after a a minute or two she starts to get frustrated and puts her head down with her face in the floor. Just flat down facefirst!!!! She doesn't even turn her head to the scares me and I don't know why she won't roll. Anyways, let me know what you think. Thanks!


libertyl1 - November 14

She will be fine. I have 3 children and 1 one the way. My son was rolling front to back at this age and some back to front. My girls were much later than that. They have to build the strength. If you think about it, rolling from back to front is not that easy! Try it! We know HOW to do it and it is still a little tricky! lol She will get there!


gabby509 - November 14

Hey Stef, King is now a rolling maniac, he's 5 month 1 week, and He has started to roll in his crib lots. So the past few nights we let him roll and sleep on his belly and he miraculously slept for 10 hours straight, 3 nights in a row. For a while he would do the same thing as Ava and kind of burrow hius face into the floor or into the mattress, but when he rolls in his sleep he immediately turns his head, it must be a reflex sort of thing. We watched him do it for 3 nights now and everytime he turns his head, so try not to worry too much. Her neck muscles are probablt developed enough that she will be able to lift her head and neck so she can breathe.


gabby509 - November 14

sorry so many typos i'm trying to hold little man and type.


DDT - November 14

Don't worry about it at all. My 5.5 month old rolls both ways and still buries his face into the ground when he's tired or frustrated. Both my boys were rolling both ways by the time they were 5 months old. Both of them favoured rolling back to front and did/do that the most. You can help your lo develop her belly, leg and neck muscles. Give her more tummy time. If her time limit is 3 mins (for eg.) before she starts whining then give her 4-5 sessions of tummy time a day. Lay on the floor with her. Pull silly faces, use a mirror, toys ect. Does she do any mini-pushups yet? You can also show her how it's down by rolling her over and then back yourself. I am confident that your lo will be rolling within the next 1-1.5 months. The "norm" time frame for this milestone to be accomplished is 5-6 months old. But of course every baby is different. Have fun with tummy time!


stefkay - November 17

Thank you guys so much! i feel much better, i'm just going to do more of it and enjoy :)


amanda17 - November 17

My dd is 5.5 months and is in the same position your child is in. She's only rolled over 3 times and it seemed like it was on accident... and each time she was kind of on a slanted surface so it was a bit easier for her. Other than that she's doing fine and even exceeding some expectations. I give her tummy time 15-20 minutes a day with plenty of toys and I lay down with her.... I dunno, maybe she just doesn't want to haha.


wv_red - November 18

Amanda my dd is the same way! I think she knows that if she hollers long enough someone will flip her over. She is creeping a little though but just doesnt like to roll. She is actually on her tummy most of the day. I guess she is just stubborn like her mommy :-)


stefkay - November 18

yeah, that is funny because I got used to flipping her over because I couldn't stand to see her little face crumple and begin to cry. Now I'm sure she knows mommy will do it for her! Agh!


wv_red - November 18

Stefkay my dd is 5.5 old and right after I posted that she got up from her nap. Well I put her on her tummy and she flipped. So I put her back on he tummy and she did it again. Yay!! I guess they will do it when they are ready. I am beginning to think girls do thing later then boys in some areas. Your dd will get it soon!


stefkay - November 18

Yeah, she is only 4.5 mos. right now so we've got some time. She is totally hyperactive now with everything. Feeding her is getting to be impossible because she is flailing around and looking at everything,lol!


amanda17 - November 18

My dd is like that too! I'll be trying to feed her and she'll be looking around at everything, then start sucking the air!



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