Help Baby Not Eating

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Annette - June 19

My 4 mo son is just NOT eating what I consider enough. I have read here other mommies saying their babies eat an average of 24oz. milk per day, I would say my son is not even close to that. I use to br___tfeed but I have noticed my milk supply decreased dramatically so I have been trying to feed him formula which he won´t take. I literally push the bottle in his mouth, he fights me, spits and most of it drips down his chin, but quite honestly a drop falling in his tummy is more than nothing. Then I try to nurse and we will eat for 5 minutes and not more. He is happy and wets his diapers but he won´t ask for food if I don´t give it to him. Should I call the ped? My mom says I am overreacting "some babies have days they won´t eat anything and will go back to normal in a few days". It is also super hot here and I am terrified he will dehydrate.


Annette - June 19

I forgot to mention, this has NOT always been so. Has just beel like this for the past 5 days maybe.


GD - June 19

Hi Annette, i don't think i will be of much help but at least i can tell you, you are not alone. My 51/2 month old is doing the exact same thing. About 2 weeks ago he was just not eating.. he usually drinks about 6oz, well if i was able to get him to drink 3 that was a lot. This went on for about a week and then we went back to his old self drinking all his bottle and i even increased his amount of cereal intake because i notice he seemed hungrier well now he is doing the exact same thing again and like you i am worried that he is not getting enough.... I actually decided to take it easy and see what happens i think i might agree with your mom, i guess some days they are just not very interested in food and eventually they will get back to normal... as long as he is not getting sick and seems happy and wets his diapers ok then wait a bit and see if he goes back to normal in a couple of days otherwise definitely ask your doctor. I have his 6 month shots in a couple of weeks so i will check with the nurses and see what they say....


HannahBaby - June 19

my daughter on a hunger strike too!! for the past 3 days all she will eat is yogert. I think that she is getting her 2 year molars but im giving her lots and lots of liquids so that she doesnt dehydrate


luvbendict - June 19

Hello there!!! You are not alone, my 11mths ds is on a hunger strike too. I think your mom is right. My ds used to do the same thing, he won't b___stfeed unless if I offered him.He did not seem to be hungry at all. He was not sick and happy. If you worried he will dehydrate just try to nurse him more often, or maybe you can spoon feed the formula. I hope his appet_te will return to normal.



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