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stefkay - February 19

Ok, I see there is another thread kind of like this here already but I'm just wanting remedies to constipation. I'm so frustrated. My dd is 7.5 months and has been eating solids 2 times a day for about a month now. She doesn't eat a ton either. Just 1 tbsp of oatmeal mixed with a fruit for one and then a tbsp of veggies at the other. She is exclusively br___tfed besides. She has not had a poop in days. I read this could be normal but then yesterday she started having crying fits. Today I noticed it happened again when changing her and a poop was trying to come out. It's killing me to see her all red and crying trying to poop today! We took her to the dr. who just said my milk supply is probably going down (it does feel like it) and she gave me formula to supplement with br___tmilk. She suggested juice mixed with water and my dd will not take either!!!!! I don't know what to do. I wish there was a baby laxative! The dr. seemed more concerned with her still sleeping in our room than with her constipation. Any suggestions that will work quickly? I can't force these other liquids down her throat. I'm trying to pump to up supply but it will take a couple of days if it even works. I also started taking fenugreek yesterday and I have yet to see if it works for me. Thanks, Stef


Saird - February 19

Baby prunes all the way. Works wonders. Or try prune or pear juice.


clindholm - February 19

Stef- As much fruit (not banana's) veggies and juice that you can get into her. My dd has/had constipation issues as well. Try not watering down the prune juice, my dd drinks more if it's not cut down (b/c it's sweeter) and it's more important to get her pooping than worrying about a little extra sugar. Raisins and Fig Newtowns help too, Newmans makes a nice Organic Newton. I was also told Pear juice but it didn't work for my dd. Really any flavor of juice that she will take will help to move the high fibers through her system. Also cut back on cheese if she is a cheese eater. Good luck- pedi's don't usually consider it a problem until 4 days with no poop. They do make a laxative available by rx- Miralax but I'm not sure exactly the age restriction. I think my dd had it at about 10 months. It's a powder that you mix with juice. Colleen


clindholm - February 19

oh yeah- You can also use glycerine suppositories to get immediate relief for her but you don't want to use them too often. They only come in child size, not infant but you can shave them down to her size with your fingernail.


stefkay - February 19

Thanks guys! I wondered about prunes. She is such a picky eater and only seems to like bananas (ha, I see now they are bad for constipation!) and somewhat apples or pears. I will go buy some prunes and cross my fingers that she'll eat some. I can usually get at least 2 baby spoonfuls of something in her before she will totally reject something she does not like. She's sleeping now but woke and had another "fit" a minute ago. Poor baby :(


gabby509 - February 19

Oh Man Stef, King has constipation problems all the time. I feel so bad for him sometimes because he will be pushing for days. I end up using the glycerin suppositories as a very last resort . Lately I've been giving him warm apple juice mixed with water. I also found that when he gets really stopped up, if he starts pushing and is having a tough time to put him in a warm bathtub, the water should be a bit warmer than usual but of course not too hot. It seems to relax their lower ends and I even let him go poo in the water since it's easier for him. Of course that's not the ideal situation, and I have to bleach the tub afterwards, haha, but if it makes him feel better I'm willing to try anything. Also try to drink lots more water yourself. It seems to help him when I drink lots of water.


meg - February 19

Try Miralax, it's amazing!!! My ds had huge constipation issues when he was an infant, & our ped. told us to get Miralax (you can buy OTC). It's "natural" & is ok to use over an extended amount of time. It's a powder substance, & you simply mix it in with the bottle. Good luck!!


CgGirl - February 19

Hey Stef, you can mix the prunes with the cereals, if she won't take the prunes by themselves. That's what I do with my dd when she's constipated.


stefkay - February 19

you guys ROCK!!! I knew I could get more help and info here than I could from the pediatrician :) I will try the prunes in her cereal tomorrow and look into the miralax. Is it ok for a 7 month old then? I was hoping her doc would suggest something like that but I didn't even know what to ask for. I never have been constipated much even in my pregnancy so I don't even know what an adult takes. Thanks again I'll see how it goes. I bought prunes and prune/apple juice and she wouldn't eat or drink those. She drank some of the apple/banana juice from a bottle but that was it. I am going to pump a lot and try to see if I can up my supply at all...


sarah21 - February 19

Prunes and if all else fails, get some glycerin suppositories (they have them at Walgreen's). They work in about 30 minutes. My daughter did the same thing and would not take juice at all. The glycerin suppositories were a recommendation from a friend whose baby had chronic constipation and their dr. told them to do it.


JNFR614 - February 28

I was just talking to a friend yesterday who has a 2 month old dd that has been constipated & the dr said to give either watered down prune juice or a little karo syrup in her bottles. She tried the karo & said that her baby is a pooping machine now, lol.


stefkay - March 2

Just an update....the fruit juice ended up helping some and I found that I think my dd was just transitioning from the b___stfed poops to the more solid poops from starting solid foods. She had a really hard time getting them out at first and now the bowel movements look the same (more solid like putty) but she doesn't cry anymore when getting them out. The days of smelly poops are now here :(


fefer1 - March 4

haha - sorry, I have to laugh at this topic because when Levi transitioned to solids I had a few times where I was changing him and he was trying to poo and I had to bend his legs towards his chest to "help" him out. It was kind of gross but the poor guy couldn't get it out . :) Now he's a regular poopin machine. Prunes work great too .


stefkay - March 4

Yes! Ava did that...poor girl I was changing her and went to pull her legs up to put a new diaper on and she was trying to push one out. She had this really funny look on her face so now I know when she makes that face what she is doing! lol...


bluezy411 - March 5

hey fefer1 i do tht alot with my dd bending her knees inwards seems to help her pa__s her poop in one big loop than small ones in intervals. Orange or tomato juice also does wonders for constipation stef.


funnygal84 - March 24

our ped suggested first adding 1-3 oz juice (any kind, but we use apple) to their regular bottle. if that doesn't work (which it always has) she suggested MIRALAX. also, i'm a ma__sage therapist and there's something you can do with ma__sage which helps. lie your baby down and rub her tummy in circles clockwise around the bellyb___ton. start 1-2 inches away and move closer each time. do this for a 1-5 minutes. it usually works like a charm. you can do it counter-clockwise to help relieve diarrhea, too. (oh and you can also do it on children and adults, as well, should you ever need it.) hope this helps. p.s. my grandma swears by adding karo or maple syrup to a bottle. i've never tried it yet, tho since the juice and ma__sage work for us.



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